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Local Selfie Video Chat App

By April 25, 2017 May 2nd, 2019 No Comments

Local Selfie Video Chat App

If you’re interested in a location-based selfie video chat app, we’ve just updated SelfieYo iPhone and Android to include local video! So you’ll find that you’ll take more selfies than ever! Selfie time!

Now, you can post photos or share video chat messages with people nearby OR share privately with friends in your address book.

video chat app

With SelfieYo as your go-to local video chat app for iPhone or Android, you can share funny moments around you and meet new people nearby, in your dorm, at the coffee shop or your local grocery store.

Because who doesn’t want to meet new people at the grocery store, right? And it’s the best way to start communicating with people you want to!

To record a video, just hold down the record button and you can make up to a 60 second selfie video message to post in the local feed. You can use filters on video too! It will be cool and funny.

Like chats and photos on SelfieYo, when you delete a video that you shared, either public or private, it will be deleted from the entire system and everyone else’s app. With our app you can forget to worry about your selfie-security.

Here’s a little tip to make deleting super easy: from the My Public or My Private feed you can see any photo or video you’ve ever sent. To delete, just hold your finger down on the square for a second and then release.

Tap and delete — super simple.

One of the great things about SelfieYo is that you can be free to express your selfie self without worry about people thinking you’re over-sharing — because on SelfieYo, you can post as many selfies as you want. No one in your other social networks will see it unless they’re also on SelfieYo and if that’s the case, they love selfies as much as you do! So get the app, start sharing some selfie videos and chat with people in the area! Invite your friends, cause together is more interesting!

Get SelfieYo location-based selfie chat app for iPhone on the App Store FREE!

The Android version of SelfieYo is available here on Google Play!

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