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Las Vegas Selfies!

By July 20, 2018 April 26th, 2019 No Comments

Ever wonder where the most popular place in the world to selfie is? Well, the truth is, with selfies happening every micro-second of everyday, it’s impossible to know for sure, but Vegas selfies are definitely high on the list!

The SelfieYo selfie chat app team is pretty certain that Vegas selfies are a major contender for one of the hottest selfie spots on the planet.

What goes better with casinos, pool parties and crazy nights on the town than Vegas selfies?

Not much. Not much!

Vegas selfies are consistently showing up in our research as some of the hottest, most innovative selfies where you can expect that people are experimenting with their selfie game and pushing the envelop of selfie poses.

If you can’t be yourself in a Vegas selfie, then you’re probably not too much fun to be around in the first place!

Let loose, snap away and post as many Vegas selfies as you want.

We’re wondering if anyone has ever tried to count selfie sticks in Vegas? Our anecdotal studies seem to indicate that Vegas has a higher concentration of selfie sticks in the nicer hotel casinos.

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Selfie Capital of America: Vegas

This may seem contrary to what you might think, but the logic, as best we can tell, is that higher-end hotels are pulling from an affluent Asian tourism crowd, which is currently far more comfortable with totting selfie sticks around than American tourists.

We believe the trend is catching on in America, but at the moment reports are showing that 9 out of 10 Asian tourists admit to having used a selfie stick in the last 6 months while traveling in America. Chew on that a bit.

Now that the new SelfieYo photo chat app is live in the iPhone App Store, you should be sure to post lots of selfies next time you’re in Vegas. You never know, Lord Disick might be posting selfies, too.

Keep calm and selfie on, bae. More tips on how the app works here.

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