SelfieYo Gold Tokens

📍 Location-Based Social Network

📱 Crypto DApp on iOS & Android

⚙️ ERC20 on Ethereum Mainnet

Use SGT to access subscription blockchain upgrades and premium features!

SGT mobile crypto account and wallet created upon registration on SelfieYo.

Initial in-app upgrades include: posting content on chain, expanding your local SelfieYo feed radius and decentralizing your account.

SGT beta access available by late 2019 to early 2020.


Q1 2019

Blockchain Development Cycle

SGT will be live on Ethereum Mainnet as an ERC20 token by Q1 of 2019. This will serve as the initial subscription cryptocurrency for premium upgrades on SelfieYo.
Q2 2019

On-Chain Development & Integration

Significant resources are being be devoted to the tokenized premium feature development inside of SelfieYo for SGT integration. Engineering efforts to bring the social content and business blockchain add-ons into the platform will continue throughout 2019.
Q3 2019

Beta Testing Live Blockchain

Ongoing beta testing of in-app upgrade features in select global markets. Integration with mobile payment systems on iOS and Android, app tutorials for new users and push to one or more layer one crypto protocol chains.
Q4 2019

Crypto Exchanges & Marketing

Application, review and exchange auditing will begin as soon as practical. Marketing programs tied to the in-app uses of SGT will occur around the same time.
Q1 2020

Crypto Developer Partnerships

The goal is to have a fully user supported business model that is radically different from today’s ad supported business models. We will extend the SGT network tools to developers and partners to integrate via the SGT API ecosystem to run their premium features and upgrades.

Team Vesting Schedule

The SelfieYo team, founders and advisors are subject to a 4-year vesting schedule that is contractually bound by the SGT ERC20 escrow smart contract. We are committed to building a long-term, sustainable marketplace around the social network, influencers, partners and SGT holders. We encourage all network participants to review the smart contract code, which is open source and available on GitHub and Etherscan.


Jamie Thompson

CEO, Founder

Jamie is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and an experienced technology entrepreneur. His 10+ years of technology experience includes product management for a research firm in Cambridge, MA, a mobile startup that developed innovative technology for Fortune 100 brands, and a global technology consulting business.

He leads strategy, product and marketing for SelfieYo. Jamie created and led the algorithm development behind SelfieYo's location-based social graph. When he's not recruiting, testing or building, Jamie enjoys behavioral psychology at the intersection of mobile cameras and social media. Jamie is looking forward to expanding the team, marketing and building a long-term, partnership ecosystem for SGT.

Daniel Gutierrez

CTO, Blockchain Lead

Daniel is a computer science graduate from MIT and has over 10 years of software engineering experience and leadership. His work includes architectural design and development of business intelligence software for several multi-billion dollar, venture-backed enterprises as well as smaller software startups in the digital social media advertising space.

He has several years of experience building compliance tools for the fantasy sports industry and his work has helped shape regulatory compliance practices affecting nearly 10 million users worldwide.

Daniel builds cryptocurrency trading analysis software and leads the SGT blockchain integration with SelfieYo. He likes gaming and craft beer.

Mike Sands


Mike holds a degree in finance from Penn State University. He's well-versed in market analysis, algorithm monitoring and has served as a management consultant for Fortune 50 companies that have relied on his insight and strategies around big data management, risk mitigation and business process re-design. Mike works on product marketing and SGT market economic token structure that helps shape the compliance, crypto currency and applied SGT market policies within the smart contract.

Mike is an avid crypto trader and participates in shared mining pools. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, financial modeling and new restaurants. He's a foodie and if you're looking for a cryptocurrency discussion over some tapas, Mike's your guy.

Yash Vazirani

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advisor

Yash Vazirani is a crypto consultant to SelfieYo and a Manager in Accenture's Capital Markets Group based out of Boston, MA. Yash has 6+ years of experience as a consultant to large asset management firms, with engagements in the data governance, reference data, back-office operations and fixed income portfolio management domains. Yash has extensive experience personally with blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, starting in 2012 as an investor in Bitcoin. He has been involved with setting up a mining operation, managing a masternode coins fund, advising to ICOs, and most recently, leading the effort to take over an abandoned project through a fork. Yash is also a speaker on various upcoming blockchain/cryptocurrency conferences. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Bentley University, majoring in Finance with a dual degree in CSR.

Kevin Thai


Kevin is a graduate of Saint Petersburg University in Russia where he majored in applied mathematics and information systems. He has been working in crypto related projects since well before Bitcoin was all the rage. Kevin has led the infrastructure engineering team for SelfieYo since 2018 and he’s looking forward to expanding development as the company grows, reaches new users and enables campaign partners to become a part of the SGT blockchain ecosystem.

Kevin is an accomplished developer with specialities in high-availability social communication software and applied artificial intelligence tools.

Kevin's coding skills are eclipsed only by his culinary genius. He's known as an avid chef, cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.

Benjir Hasan


Benjir is responsible for the implementation of the latest web standards coding for SelfieYo touch-points on mobile and desktop. He works with a team of developers building back-end tools for the brand advertising and campaign management side of the business.

Benjir ensures work is clean, functional and tastefully implemented. His expertise is in Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, responsive design, and network operations.

Benjir is an avid gamer. Gaming time is harder and harder to come by as his responsibilities at SelfieYo grow, but he manages to get a few epic sessions in from time to time. When not coding or gaming, Benjir is likely to be hanging out with his family or socializing with friends.

Henry Nguyen


Henry is a graduate of University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City. He holds a degree in software engineering and has 3 years of experience in native iOS and Android development. Henry’s combination of creativity and engineering skills have made him a great asset to the SelfieYo team. He’s looking forward to rolling out a robust set of in-app items users can purchase with SGT and helping to grow the marketplace around SGT on the blockchain.

Henry is an avid sportsman known to annihilate competitors on the football field. When he's not developing software, he can usually be found watching English Premier League football.

Prints Magoncia


Prints is an information design expert with a degree from Holy Name University in Bohol, Philippines. He has worked on creative teams in UI and UIX for 5+ years across a variety of consumer-facing projects in mobile, entertainment and gaming. Prints brings a Gen-Z mobile view, broad design experience and community-oriented skills to the SelfieYo team.

He’s looking forward to expanding the design team as SelfieYo moves into new markets across Asia and around the world. When he's not admiring his heavy bag of alts or trading on his laptop, he's most likely adventuring through the islands of the Philippines in his kayak.

Dave Tong


Dave has a software engineering degree from the University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City. He has over 8 years of experience in mobile development, game development methodologies, coding in native iOS and Android environments and a broad set of skills in mobile application engineering. Dave is excited to be a part of the SelfieYo team as it scales and implements additional AI, augmented reality and fun features for users to experience in the app. He's a master X-Code developer and isn't afraid of finding and destroying bugs as he combs code.

Dave enjoys football, cryptocurrency HODL'ing and taking lots of selfies on SelfieYo!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SelfieYo Gold Token?

SelfieYo Gold Tokens, known as SGT, are an Ethereum ERC20 crypt utility token connected to the SelfieYo mobile social network. SelfieYo is a startup with apps on iPhone and Android that involves, among other things, earning points based on quality content shared locally.

SGT is the token through which you buy blockchain and social upgrade features on SelfieYo.

It is also possible to obtain SGT through SelfieYo by being a local growth contributor to the platform. The more you help drive early adoption, the more likely you are to earn SGT rewards.

SelfieYo will be announcing social media influencer programs designed to help early contributors who help us scale adoption worldwide.

SGT serves as a method of buying new social features within SelfieYo and creates an open ecosystem for users, major creators and holders of SGT.

SGT will eventually be accepted by SelfieYo directly as a method of payment for social media campaigns on the platform.

How can I buy SGT?

SGT is currently not available for sale in the U.S. while we are beta testing the utility integration and working with select partners globally.

When we feel we sufficiently meet and exceed the requirements to be fully qualified as a utility token, we will introduce SGT into the SelfieYo app in the U.S. and other markets.

The model is very similar to those of other apps that utilize a token based approach or subscription for in-app purchases. The difference is that SelfieYo seeks to provide everyone with a decentralization option for social content. This involves interaction with multiple public blockchains and requires network fees be paid by users.

SGT is meant to be a nominal payment method enabling SelfieYo users to access the blockchain features provided through the app.

Stay-tuned for more information when we release the public beta details.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

When we open up in-app purchase ability for users, there is no minimum purchase amount, however there will be listed staking and subscription requirements.

For example, it is likely that to have a lifetime ad-free experience, a user will need to own at least 5 SGT in the mobile crypto wallet connected to the SelfieYo app.

For a 12-month subscription to the on-chain content program, we are evaluating a 1 SGT per month plan. More details and initial pricing will be released as we evaluate and improve network costs.

What are the high level tokenomic data points?

Total SGT token supply will never exceed 100MM. 50MM are being made available for app users and network partners to purchase. 1MM will become available after the beta testing for the app rewards earners and 49MM will be held by SelfieYo in escrow.

Of the amount held internally, all SGT are subject to the 4-year vesting schedule contained in the smart contract.

What makes SGT different from other tokens?

We’re very proud of the fact that we are much more than just a conceptual idea with a token launched. SelfieYo is a real product with a real development team that has been executing for several years.

We are taking a rigorous approach to global compliance with the token because we believe that, in the long-run, the companies that do this right have the opportunity to be a part of shaping the next generation of decentralized Internet technology for a very long time to come.

We don’t want you to buy SGT if you’re blindly hoping for some magic. Software development takes a lot of work. Building social engagement, real partnerships and a genuine, sustainable business takes time and money.

We are committed to doing some big stuff around making a major DApp, but this doesn’t happen overnight.

We think there is room in the market right now to be a part of a group of blockchain companies that raise the bar for crypto and build a community of intelligent token holders that understand the importance of long-term thinking, functional product and the ability to execute everyday on a global vision.

SelfieYo will retain a large portion of SGT in its own reserves and the entire amount is controlled within the smart contract by a 4-year vesting schedule. We believe this serves to establish everyone’s long-term interest alignment in making SGT a market leader within the cryptocurrency community.

Can you tell me more about the SGT team?

Our founder, Jamie Thompson, started SelfieYo with the belief that ephemeral messaging will become the de facto preferred method of communication for Gen-Z and younger Millennials around the world.

The future of decentralized social is all about visual messaging tied to new forms of the social graph that have more to do with time, location and your phone book than with the traditional concept of “friends” that has enabled the world of social to get to today’s level of omnipresence.

Jamie recruited and managed the initial team of SelfieYo developers through the consulting company he founded, Sprinklenet Labs, and began assembling a team of high-caliber crypto talent to implement the blockchain integration between SelfieYo and SGT.

Daniel and Jamie had worked together over the years at various technology companies and decided to ramp-up the blockchain efforts within SelfieYo in 2017 as it became clear that blockchain would provide an excellent technology infrastructure to implement the transparent sharing of content creation along with innovations in the market to align cryptocurrency holders with SelfieYo.

There has never been a better time in history to rapidly scale the complex innovation behind SelfieYo’s AI and existing technology.

Between them, Daniel and Jamie have a broad network of highly talented individuals that now work for SelfieYo or are likely candidates after the project completes its next fundraising round.

We look for people that are equally talented in areas of technical expertise that is useful to us and uncannily enthusiastic about reinventing how the world looks at the concept of the social graph, coupled with how blockchain will help define an enormous part of the data layer beneath our everyday social interactions.