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SGT Goes Live on Ethereum

By August 29, 2020 November 24th, 2020 No Comments


SelfieYo Chat App Announces the New SGT Crypto Rewards Token

SelfieYo Chat, a location-based social media messaging application, announces the new SGT cryptocurrency rewards token live on the Ethereum blockchain. SelfieYo Gold (SGT) is the 2020 update to the original SelfieYo Gold Token vision started by the company in 2018.

SelfieYo Gold is an ERC-20 token running on Ethereum mainnet. The token contract is available here on Etherscan.

The SGT development team has published the contract and token in coordination with the SelfieYo 2020 3.0 update for iPhone and Android.

SelfieYo Gold will be available exclusively to users of SelfieYo who wish to purchase SGT to access additional features within the location-based social network. Like similar social applications designed to connect people, SGT enables private messaging enhancements.  Additionally, SGT can be used as an in-app tipping method to reward your favorite local content creators.

The SelfieYo Chat App will not have its own built-in crypto wallet, however the network enables users to export their SGT to their own ERC-20 wallets as desired. In Phase II of the SGT 2020-2021 plan, the company will enable additional applications to leverage the location-based crypto rewards service.

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