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Selfie Tips: 5 Places You Should Never Snap Selfies

By April 2, 2017 May 2nd, 2019 No Comments

Selfie tips are key to improving your game. But, sometimes it’s important to recognize that for every great selfie spot, there are those places you should never snap a selfie.

We’d like to talk about that a bit with you.

selfie tips

Selfies have become as common as your average McDonald’s situated on every corner. In fact, now that you think about it, you’re bound to pass at least 8 people taking pictures before you reach said corner. Clearly, selfies are the modern age value meal that dominate the world.

Sure, selfies can be hilarious and a way to capture special moments forever. However, the evolution of snapping pictures has given birth to selfie etiquette and it dictates that there are certain places where you should not dig for your camera phone.

While You Are Running

You’d be surprised to know the number of people who attempt this. People sometimes try to snap a selfie in marathons and, as a result, end up disturbing the hoards of people behind them who bump into the snapping athlete who is too busy choosing a filter to notice their immediate fall in pace.

Apart from that, it’s dangerous.

Taking a selfie on-the-move means you’re not looking where you’re going.

Holocaust Memorials

Concentration camps and holocaust memorials are the kinds of places where you don’t find anyone smiling. These are extremely inappropriate places to take selfies and it’s difficult to wrap your head around the tragic history of such places as it is.

Avoid selfies that may come off as offensive, especially if you plan on posting it online.

It’s best to focus on learning about the history and save the photos for another time.

On the Edge of a Mountain

Showing-off that you are traveling to the edge of beautiful and daunting places is a must — however, it takes a lot of effort, which means that you are giving your own safety minimal attention. If you have reached a picturesque spot after a grueling hike, you better be prepared for head spins, panting and misbalance.

So, step away from the edge before you tap to open the selfie app.

Your safety should always be your priority.


In many cemeteries people go to visit their loved ones. However, there are those cemeteries that attract tourists, as well. Even the thought of that sounds bizarre, so imagine if there is proof of it too! Taking a selfie with a grave does not really set the bar when it comes to paying our respects. Plus, it looks odd.

Was the person taking the picture trying to replace the departed with a person they would otherwise take selfies with? It’s not kind, so don’t do it. These are selfie tips you can take to the grave.

Nude Beaches

Even if you venture out to one, let this be one moment in your life where you do not want to capture every millisecond of it. It’s extremely inappropriate to take pictures on nude beaches. You could defend yourself by saying that you were taking a picture of you alone, but don’t forget — you have a whole background that you need to ensure is clear. And even if it is… it just puts people off and makes them suspicious of your motive behind snapping photos.

If you find yourself visiting a nude beach, put the camera away.

For more selfie tips and stories about the best iPhone and Android camera app for location based chat, be sure to come back often.

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