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The Selfies Of Rodrigo Alves

By January 2, 2018 April 29th, 2019 No Comments

Selfie superstar Rodrigo Alves may not have always been a natural at selfie poses, but judging from the looks of some of his most recent posts on Instagram, Rodrigo has been raising the ante on his selfie game in a big way!

We should expect nothing less from this globe-trotting, high-flying man of the world.


Some of you may recognize Rodrigo from the hit U.S. TV show, Botched — with celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow. Rodrigo recently collaborated with Dr. Dubrow for some updates to his man-made face, which some have dubbed similar to that of a real-life Ken Doll.

Rodrigo is clearly a man of taste and fashion, if not also a leading-thinker in applications of modern-day plastic surgery techniques for self(ie)-enhancements. But, what’s equally fascinating to us at SelfieYo is how Rodrigo is able to capture the spirit of his adventures through the lens of his iPhone; usually in the form of selfies.

We’re not quite sure how he manages to keep himself in such tip-top condition all the time. OK, maybe that’s a silly statement as we know the guy is getting a lot of “work done” regularly!

We do think his selfies are worthy of imitation for anyone looking to jazz up their selfie technique.

Let’s analyze a few of Rodrigo’s selfies and see if we can’t deconstruct what makes them “pop” to life so much.

It seems like Rodrigo has perfected the steely-eyed duckface selfie in nearly all of his poses. It adds a certain gravitas to his look; fitting for a man that does indeed take his sense of aesthetic very seriously.

We find it interesting to note that while Rodrigo Alves has worked hard (not to mention spent a lot of money) to create a geometric sense of perfection on all elements of his face, his selfies are almost always marked by his hallmark hair swoop.

We’re not sure if he’s doing this on purpose, but the combination of the hair swoop and the mathematically correct facial features creates, what we believe to be, a Fibonacci-esque selfie.

He has a tendency to maintain the same general pose — which in his case works very well for him. This adds to his overall sense of mystique, yet has a playful nature which we suspect is part of his intention.

We hope to see more selfies from Mr. Rodrigo Alves on SelfieYo!

Perhaps he will enchant us with some new fashions for the coming season or regale us with selfies from his next adventure in Dubai, London, Paris or New York — all cities in which Rodrigo is known to party with the rich & famous!

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