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How to Take Perfect Pet Selfies

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Perfect pet selfies start with a good set of ground rules and communication between you and your pet. Beyond that, we have assembled the following list of tips on how to get a perfect pet selfie with your best friend.

Selfies with your pets as props are the best and super easy to shoot. In fact, these might be the only ones in which you don’t have to dig through a whole lot of snaps to pick the best one out as they all look amazing.

Here is how professional pet photographers take the perfect pet selfie…


Always Hold Your Phone at Eye Level

One of the most flattering angles that work for both you and your pet is keeping the camera lens at eye level as opposed to the selfie rule where you hold it away at an arm’s length and a bit above eye level.

Treats Work

Once you are in a preferred position, you can always keep your pets staying in one place by offering them treats. Hold the treat in the same hand with which you are going to hit the capture button on the phone screen so that they are looking into the camera.

They’ll catch on quick and realize that you’re trying to take a selfie with them.

Don’t Wait

Never wait and change poses too much or take your time experimenting with these sorts of photographs. Pets have short attention spans and when you have their attention, it is important that you work with speed.

Make sure that your pet gets some exercise so that they are not that restless and therefore, are not unwilling to stay still in front of the camera, even if it’s for a couple of seconds. Besides, the exercise is goo for them, anyway.

Be Creative

You don’t just have to take a picture in front of a blank wall. Pets can enjoy their selfies in so many environments — you can do the same with your pet selfies. Take them out of the house. Not only are these pet selfies adorable but also super valuable for keeping with you in the future.

You might look back to the good old times with Fido or Spanky every time you come across an old selfie with them.

Rapid Fire

Hold down the phone’s button so that it takes pictures rapidly. Now, every time your pet or you move in the picture, it is captured in a series of photographs. You can then make a nice pet picture collage out of this.

Don’t Force

This is the worst thing you can do to your pet. Never make the mistake of holding them down as most of the time this becomes super clear in pictures and the end result is a selfie with a cranky animal. You need to figure out when your loved one is ready for his or her pet selfie. If the timing isn’t right, then the timing isn’t right. Just wait.

Let the Pet Do Their Own Thing

Try this…  you might start to like it, especially if you have a quirky pet. It is okay if you play around with the angles and have your pet looking at the camera like a toy. You might be surprised and happy by the results.

Remember, like you, your pet probably just wants to make sure the pet selfie comes out as good as possible. The real trick to a successful pet selfie is good communication. You need to make sure that you’re both on the same page about the overall goal of the pet selfies and it never hurts to talk to your pet about this before, during and after the selfie photo session.

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