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How To Take Good Mirror Selfies: OOTD Selfie Tips

By May 20, 2018 April 26th, 2019 No Comments

Taking a good mirror OOTD selfie is not something that comes naturally to most people.

If you want to improve your selfie game to showcase your totes fab OOTD selfie pics on social media, it’s important to constantly be improving.

To push the envelope of what it means to have strong selfie game in today’s fast-paced, modern world of the selfie-eat-selfie social media rat race takes work!

Get after it.

Like most things in life – through practice, patience and a little bit of luck – you can improve your mirror selfie game substantially with time and technique.

Let’s review some basic mirror selfie tips to help improve how your OOTD selfies look on social media and SelfieYo.

Selfie Framing

This is an age-old photography trick, that, once you master it, will be like second-nature and you’ll immediately see payoffs in your OOTD selfie photos. Basically, you should be looking through the lens of your mobile camera and trying to develop a better aesthetic sense of geometry for the overall layout of your mirror selfie.

Make your outfit the center piece of the frame, but be mindful of the background junk that could clutter your photo.

Mirror-in-Mirror Selfie

We don’t see a lot of the mirror-in-mirror selfie OOTDs anymore because the craze mostly died out after the Jonas Brothers stopped doing the double mirror selfie around 2009. That said, it’s still a powerful OOTD move if you can get it just right!

The trick with mirror-in-mirror selfie is to make it “look” effortless.

The reality of the mirror-in-mirror is that it takes incredibly skillful selfie hands to virtually make the second mirror disappear. Give it a try a few times and see what your friends think.

You know you’re successful with the double mirror selfie when only YOU know that there were, in fact, two mirrors in the pic. It’s a quiet little victory for the selfie app aficionado when you’ve mastered this one.

OOTD Selfie Throwback

Sometimes you just don’t have enough energy to take a perfect OOTD selfie. If that’s the case, which is like every Thursday for me, then you should just do a #TBT #OOTD selfie.

Here’s the trick: keep a backlog of awesome OOTD selfies in a special folder. That way you have them whenever you need them. No one will even know that you didn’t wear that outfit today.

Alternatively, you can go into Saks or Neiman Marcus and just try on like 30 different outfits. Of course, the whole point is to take an OOTD selfie of each one. 

Seriously. Try it.

Selfie Snacking OOTD

This one may sound a little strange, but at SelfieYo we are starting to see some major trends around OOTD pics while snacking.

We’re not exactly sure how the phenomena started; we suspect it’s a natural evolution between food pics, selfies and OOTD shots. It’s rather interesting, actually.

There’s like a wacky biological evolutionary thing going on with the progression of selfies. We may need to consult our subject matter expert, a local evolutionary biology PhD – Dr. Charlie – on this one.

You might try something unique with, say, a donut or a cookie. You could prepare your best OOTD selfie pose and then surprise everyone by pulling out a blueberry scone or some other kind of baked good.

Could be fun. You never know.

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