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Local Gossip, Local People, Local Fun!

By September 10, 2021 No Comments
SelfieYo Chat App

Heya SelfieYo fans and friends! We’ve been working hard making lots of updates to both the SelfieYo Android and iPhone apps. In addition to focusing on speed, overall optimization and some UI tweaks, we’ve increased the number of HotSpots indexed on the map. This means, we most likely have your favorite coffee shop, the hottest bars in your neighborhood and probably most of the hotels and hostels in whatever city you visit for you next vacation!

The point with all of that — the HotSpots Map on your local SelfieYo App — is to create public chats, public photo & video sharing and a general sense of community that is much more intimate (and often funny!) than feeds of social content not designed for YOUR FAVORITE SPOTS!

SelfieYo is hyper local. Local gossip. Local fun. Local people.


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