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Plot Twist: Lowkey Local Chat 💬

By April 12, 2019 May 2nd, 2019 No Comments

Plot Twist: Lowkey Local Chat on SelfieYo

SelfieYo chat app for iPhone and Android has amped up local chat in a way that’s fun and safe. If you want to meet new friends nearby, but not up for heavy Taco Tuesday’ing with people too soon, try SelfieYo!  This is a very cool new opportunity to meet new people and find new friends.

We’ll show you how to get to the tacos later.

When you post a few selfies or a cool video on SelfieYo and tap the “Share in YOUR CITY” button, your content is visible to people NEARBY.  。◕‿◕。

They can vote your stuff up or down and then enter your chat room. If you don’t like them, you can block them easily by tapping their profile pic and selecting the block option.

You can chat with people immediately nearby and if you like the way the conversation is going, you can send or receive private mode SelfieYo’s to take it into a private chat!

To do that, just tap the profile picture of someone chatting with you in a local chat room.

Piece of cake!

No need to share usernames, numbers, etc. It’s all done for you based on location.

BTW we never display your actual location.

One of the master benefits of starting dialogues in public is you can get a feel for people before having private conversations! Imagine if all those people out there could see the WHOLE conversation from the beginning…

And remember, if at anytime you want to remove your chats, just press down on your text in a chat room to see the delete option. When you delete your chat, it’ll be removed from the chat room.

Local Chat App to Meet Friends

If you want to remove the WHOLE chat room and media you posted, go into your “My Stuff” area and press down on the thumbnail image for 1 second to delete it entirely from EVERYONE’S SelfieYo app.

Stay-tuned for more updates and exciting features to come! We always try to improve our app for you. Updates always contain new filters to do your selfie better, and new functions to do your using SelfieYo more interesting.

Get SelfieYo app for iPhone here.

The Android version is on the Google Play store here.

As always, the SelfieYo chat app is free!

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