SelfieYo on the Blockchain: Building a Hybrid DApp Across Layer One Crypto Protocols⛓✨

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In this post we will explain what we mean by a hybrid DApp, why it matters, how we are developing integrations across multiple layer one crypto protocols and how the SGT integration in-app will initially function.

We are quite possibly living in George Orewell’s 1984 dystopian future — or, at the very least, it sure seems like that’s the direction things are headed with big technology companies deciding what we see, what we can publish and how we consume information.

One of the major reasons SelfieYo has been actively working with blockchain technology behind the scenes is because we believe there is massive opportunity to help redefine how social media allows us to share, engage and build meaningful communities with people around us.

Make no mistake, we are very much a location-based social application platform and by focusing on the local social graph, we can take things a step further in the right direction, moving towards a decentralized, censorship-resistant vision of what it means to be members of communities both online and IRL — a future where all human thoughts matter. A future where the whims of an anonymous internet editor or technology titan CEO cannot unilaterally censor people. A future where everyone’s selfie matters and you decide how you want to share your life’s moments.

To that end, we wanted to share a bit of the roadmap and current state of blockchain development happening at SelfieYo. As anyone who follows this space knows, crypto and blockchain are moving very fast. There’s no perfect path, but clearly decentralized computing will have a major impact on social media, business models and content sharing in the future. The future is happening now!

Our approach is to build — or continue to build as the case is for SelfieYo — a hybrid DApp. We’re working with blockchain tools with a focused eye on pragmatic development while building towards the promise of authentic decentralization.

More specifically, our blockchain initiatives are aimed at making the user experience as simple and normal as possible for regular people. We are working on features that will be released as premium upgrades inside of SelfieYo where users can pay with crypto to access the features on a blockchain.

The use of crypto, SelfieYo Gold Tokens (SGT), allows us to do a few critical things in the service of shifting towards decentralization:

  1. Create crypto wallets automatically for new users on iPhone and Android or integrate with mobile wallets provided by manufacturers on newer and upcoming devices. The current methods many of the early DApps are using are too complicated and we don’t believe they will scale to mainstream adoption. Thus, immediate and seamless wallet creation when registering a SelfieYo account is necessary and will be entirely transparent. The default crypto token will be SGT in a standards-based, ERC20 wallet governed by existing smart contracts.
  2. Enable the seamless purchase of the utility token using in-app, standard payment tools. For any service that offers a genuine utility token that enables blockchain access or features, ease-of-use and access to the token must be as simple as using in-app payment methods. There have been plenty of other non-crypto apps that have led the way on how to build these experiences. We are modeling the SGT purchase and usability after those apps that demonstrate great UIX for purchasing premium features on mobile platforms.
  3. Using SGT as the payment mechanism allows us to decouple the staking of tokens to enable access to the blockchain features from the actual user data transactions happening on a blockchain. This means the crypto payment mechanism does not necessarily have to be on the same blockchain as certain features. Hence, we can continue to utilize Ethereum for SGT while providing access points to any layer one crypto protocol that makes sense for a given user feature or function. This gives plenty of flexibility to use protocols for their strengths and work around weaknesses as needed.
  4. In addition to the staking benefits of using SGT as an in-app payment for accessing blockchain features, we believe it’s important to be thinking about (and building for) the unbanked of the world. Everyone deserves to access the next generation of decentralized social computing.

We are actively evaluating and working with existing libraries including IOST, Ethereum, Quorum and others. Enabling the payment side in crypto to unlock features and enabling the efficient transfer of user-generated content to blockchain(s) are two different things; related, but different. We believe the hybrid DApp approach makes the most sense and we’ll continue to update as we finalize the next iterations of SelfieYo apps for iPhone and Android.

Today’s centralized social media networks and information tools control your digital history. By controlling your history, you’re at their mercy. They control the past, the present and future narrative of everything from news to your own photos and videos.

There is nothing scarier than not even owning your own selfie. It may sound like a hyperbole, but it’s a very real thing to have the ability or inability to take control of your digital self and your online neighborhood. It starts with selfies and grows from there.

There is a better path forward. A path that realistically moves towards local social media governance and decentralized control of the content we create and share.

We hope you join us on the journey.

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