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How To Take A Good Selfie

By June 20, 2018 April 26th, 2019 No Comments

How to take a good selfie? I hear people asking this question all the time. In fact, just yesterday we were observing some selfie-taking in the wild and could see a group of friends squabbling over whether or not to get a selfie with the camera held up high, above the head, or get a selfie with the upward facing camera to make the photo look more imperial.

The truth is, a good selfie is less about whether the camera is positioned above your head or below, and really starts with a positive attitude. A positive attitude will give you a better frame of reference for selfie’ing, which leads to some of the more important core elements of a good selfie.

Must-have basic selfie elements include:

  • A Smile – Generally speaking, selfies with a smile result in higher happiness and overall satisfaction among the selfie taker and selfie recipients.
  • Proper Lighting – It should go without saying that if the lighting is terrible, your selfie will suffer unduly. Surprisingly, a fair number of selfie takers ignore this rule at their own peril.
  • Selfie Attire – Have you ever considered how your choice of clothing can determine the overall quality of your selfie? The truth is, what you wear counts when your selfie is being judged by friends and frenemies. Dress accordingly.
  • Background Items – Does a “good selfie” have a lot of background objects of interest or should a “good selfie” be up close and personal? There’s no hard and fast rule on this one. You need to use judgement based on the selfie situation.

So the bottomline on how to take a good selfie is: be authentic, be happy (or at least pretend to be — it will have a positive affect on you at some point) and pay attention to lighting, attire and background.

That’s it! Good luck with your selfies and stay tuned for more selfie-taking pointers from SelfieYo!

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