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A Field Guide to Hidden Features on SelfieYo

By February 5, 2017 April 26th, 2019 No Comments

Hello everybody! We wanted to give you a quick run down on some of the hidden features on SelfieYo that you may not know about…

We’ll start with a brief overview of the obvious stuff and we’ll get a little deeper after that!

First, it’s useful to note that you can login to SelfieYo with your username OR your phone number that you registered with.

We heard from a lot of people that they sometimes forget their username so we connected your mobile number to your username — now either one, when used with your password, will get you in!

If you forgot your password, there’s a simple little link on the sign-in page that will allow you to get a new one sent to your phone via text message.

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SelfieYo Fast Registration

Secret Chat

SelfieYo Login

Once you’re in, you’ll notice that the camera opens to selfie mode by default.

This is to make it FAST and EASY to snap.

In fact, the FASTEST way to snap a selfie is literally just to open SelfieYo and SMILE.

The SelfieYo smile detector will trigger the camera as soon as you smile at it. It’s a good way to be quick on the draw!

It’s not really a hidden feature, but it’s worth remembering for those occasions when you need a selfie REALLY, REALLY FAST!

Also, the open camera screen allows you to record a video immediately if you want. Just hold down the capture button instead of a quick click.

Keeping it pressed will put the camera into video mode and you can begin recording up to a 30-second video clip.

Remember, you can also access existing videos or photos on your camera roll if you already have good stuff on your phone that you want to post.

After you record your video clip or snap a photo, you’ll be placed at the preview screen.

You have the option of creating your own caption, selecting a pre-made one from the dropdown list OR not using a caption at all — that’s cool, too!

You’ll see the two buttons on this page — “Share in YOUR CITY” and “Share Private” — they’re self-explanatory.

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Share Public or Private

Clicking “Share in YOUR CITY” will post your content in the public, LOCAL FEED.

It will be viewable by anyone within the nearby area.

Clicking “Share Private” will allow you to see a list of everyone in your phone contacts and you select who you wish to send the content to PRIVATELY.

When you “Share Private” your content is NEVER accessible publicly and it is only accessible by SelfieYo users you specifically selected.

Those people then get notified you sent them a SelfieYo.

Those are the basics on creating a SelfieYo and sharing it.

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Block or Send Private

Next, let’s highlight a few of the hidden features…. If you are inside of a chat room, local or private, and you send something you wish you didn’t, you can delete your text from the entire conversation and it’s also removed from everyone else’s chat room… To do this, just press down on the specific line of text you want to remove and you’ll see a “delete” option pop up.  Click it and your message is gone from the chat.

— If you’ve ever posted something local and someone you don’t like is annoying you in a chat room, you can BLOCK them by clicking on their profile picture in the chat (see image here). Clicking BLOCK will prevent that person from being able to chat with you or send you anything.

— If you ever decide you want to un-block the creep, go into your SETTINGS and you’ll see a “Managed Blocked Users” option. Click it to remove people from your BLOCK list if desired.

— There’s something else you can do by clicking on a user’s profile picture from inside of a chat room — you can send them a private SelfieYo. The option to “Send Private Photo/Video” will activate the camera and when you’re done with your content, it will send privately just to that person.

Ok, so play around with the stuff we talked about today and in the next few weeks we’ll do another post on additional hidden features in SelfieYo. Or, if you experiment enough, you’ll probably figure some out on your own!

Happy selfie’ing!

More recent update on how it works is here.

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