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Gym Selfies FTW 💪

By April 12, 2019 May 2nd, 2019 No Comments

Gym Selfies FTW

Okay, okay, gym selfies may not be for everyone, but for those of you that dig ’em, we challenge you to share your gym selfies on SelfieYo to start tracking your fitness journey with those around you!  This will inspire you to make new achievements!

Sure, some people might think it’s a little vain, some might be secretly jealy about your rock solid abs and some might just be wondering how the heck you got so d*mn fit. But who cares. It’s your selfie and your time to shine! Meanwhile, the mirrors in the gym seem to have been created for the selfie. In such photos we look determined and happy. Workouts improve our mood, and workouts plus selfies makes them twice as good.

Gym selfie on point, baby! Get after it.

gym selfies
gym selfies

Download SelfieYo — the local chat app for iPhone and Android — go cray cray posting your gym selfies. Show everyone how you improve your life and become a good example for others.

Use #fitness or #gymselfie in the SelfieYo caption box if you feel like it. And of course, there are a lots of hashtags that you can come up with by yourself.

New updates and improvements are always being made on both SelfieYo iPhone and SelfieYo Android, so be sure to keep getting the updates via the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Get out there, feel the burn, snap some selfies and share your progress on SelfieYo!

For non-gym goers, we’ll do some cake selfie contests soon. Because after all, the only thing better than a killer workout is a killer cake and maybe some fresh tacos and guac!

For some selfie tips and ideas on how to take advantage of the automated beauty filter on SelfieYo, check this out… or these ideas on how to take a perfect selfie.

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