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Post Videos & Pics to Meet New Friends

Local chat app to share selfies with amigos nearby or share privately with friends & bae. ❤

Get +1’s to Climb the Local HOT List

Improve your local rank and move to the top as friends up-vote your SelfieYo’s. 🔥

Privacy & Easy to Delete Chats

Press down on any of your sent selfies for 1-second to delete all messages in a chat group. 👽

Automatic Smile Detecting Selfie Camera

Super fast selfie app cam — just SMILE to snap a selfie or enter a contest! 😃

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The 2018 Selfie Olympics

The 2018 Selfie Olympics are here and exclusively taking place on SelfieYo iPhone and Android apps! Get your app updated ASAP. It’s time to start SelfieYo’ing your way to the championships! The road to world-class selfies is filled with beauty, glam shots, lashes and even some…

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