Earn SGT Crypto Rewards for Your Content! 📸🗺

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SGT SelfieYo Gold Token Crypto

The SelfieYo Gold Token (SGT) is live on the latest SelfieYo iPhone app update! We’ve set aside a ton of SGT crypto for new users that help us spread the word by sharing cool content into the local feed. SelfieYo is inherently local, so it’s quite different from the concept of global social media like Twitter or Instagram.

We’re focused on hyper-local community building — good for things like events, exploring new places when you’re traveling, meeting people nearby, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you register a new account on SelfieYo (iPhone only for now, Android soon) OR update your existing app, we automatically create a crypto wallet for you that will hold your SGT rewards. Your public and private keys are stored on your phone and you can view them in the Settings on SelfieYo.
  2. As your public feed photos and videos get +1 votes from people nearby, you’ll be earning SGT crypto tokens.
  3. The more SGT you earn, the more your public feed radius will increase. For now, it’s an automated thing, but we’re working on additional controls for users to micro adjust radius — and new things like location tagging.

SGT is live on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC20 compatible. This means it’s a real (and real simple) blockchain experience even if you don’t know anything about crypto!

We’re looking forward to rolling out additional features soon where the entire system is supported by the SGT ecosystem. Our goal is to provide an ad-free, decentralized upgrade path for users around the world that believe in taking control of their data, not being pimped out to advertisers and being a part of the next generation of social media that does not decide what you can and cannot see.

There’s a lot happening in the world of “social” right now. We hope you enjoy SelfieYo and come along with us as we continue to experiment with ways of improving community communication, local information sharing and build a sustainable, open enterprise that does not rely on the paid interests of advertisers.

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