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Check This Out: Keep Up With Your Friends Through SelfieYo

By February 3, 2020 August 22nd, 2020 No Comments

Peer pressure – nobody likes it. People like having peers, though, but in this day and age, keeping up with your peers can be messy. There are so many apps that only do one thing really well, which leads to having a lot of apps on your phone or tablet. It eats up your phone memory and data!

What if there’s an app that lets you stay connected to your friends while letting you meet new ones based on your location, though? What if you had an app where you could share photos and videos, get likes and profile views, and chat with friends in real time while letting them know where you are at any moment?

SelfieYo is a brand new app that lets you do all of these things. You can set each picture’s setting to either private or public; you don’t have to lock down your entire account, or leave it wide open! You control how your posts are shown, and who gets to see them. You can also join or create groups chats, which can also be public or private. You can even have one-on-one chats too!

The app tags your location when you post a photo to the public feed. You can then chat with other users who are nearby, or at the same venue as you – and video message them too, so you can meet each other in person later!

You don’t have to worry about fake accounts with SelfieYo, because users are required to provide an active phone number in order for their account to be verified. You can guarantee there’s a person on the other side of the conversation, not some bot.

Stay connected with your friends while making new ones with SelfieYo. Sign up for an account today!

SelfieYo is free for download on Android and iOS, with in-app purchase features.

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