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A Guide To Snapping Your Brand Selfies

By July 26, 2016 May 2nd, 2019 No Comments

We live in an age of extremely disruptive technology where the power of brand selfies, driven by mobile chat apps, is transforming how we live, communicate and make decisions about what we buy, drive, eat and more.

What’s in your brand selfies is the new “like” equivalent for brand engagement.

But really, it’s always been that way. What about your brand selfies?

Brand selfies can express our choices in lifestyle, travel, clothing, what we like to eat and drink, or just about anything else that shapes some component of who we are as consumers and who we aspire to be.


In fact, there tends to be something aspirational about selfies that helps us focus on where we see ourselves in the future. ✅

And, we would be naive to not acknowledge the role that brands play in our desires about our futures. 

The trick is to be aware, to be mindful, and to be purposeful about how we make these choices.

There’s nothing wrong with aspirational goals involving the “stuff” we want — but, it might be wise to be thoughtful about how we choose to create and shape our own inevitable endorsements! ?

A selfie is a reflection not only of oneself, but of a great number of choices we make with regards to our inclinations as consumers.

A selfie can be a powerful statement of what we value in brands.

Think about it for a moment, what is more powerful to you as a potential buyer of a product… is it a TV commercial that you barely pay attention to? Is it an advertisement that shows up in your Facebook or Instagram feed? Or, is it the ringing and genuine endorsement of a friend who shares a selfie of herself using a product she actually owns?

Marketers have always valued traditional advertising metrics for their media efforts, which is why Facebook has become perhaps the most valuable social media platform on the planet. But, we believe there is something difficult to pinpoint happening in terms of how today’s largest social networks are attempting to both grow and re-shape the digital media advertising landscape — more so for their own purposes than for that of the user or even the brand advertiser.

The challenge, an obvious one to those of us that use social daily, is that it’s getting harder and harder to truly “own” and curate your own social feeds of content. This is because advertisements are becoming more ubiquitous, totally inescapable, and in some cases, down right annoying to the point of making us want to modify our use of social in general.

They call it content, but it smells like marketing to most of us.

Next time you snap a selfie and post it anywhere, maybe take a split second to consider whether or not you are inadvertently creating some form of social advertisement for a brand or product. If you are, then consider how you can do so in a manner that reflects your own values, plus potentially creates an impact among the people you are sharing with in the way you desire.

Remember, you own your selfie and you own your endorsements.

Keep it real. Keep it fun. Keep it coming!

#yolo  ✌️

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