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The Best Selfie City in the World

By March 8, 2017 May 2nd, 2019 No Comments

What’s the Best Selfie City in the World?

It’s totally normal to snap selfies on vacation — we’ve all done it! In fact, one of the best parts of taking selfies on vacation is trying to find that perfect spot to get the best selfie ever. Pretty streets always look perfect in photos and IRL selfies with a great background are even more interesting.

But, what’s the best selfie city in the world?

And… if there even is a single “best selfie city in the world,” where would the best spot to get the perfect selfie be?

In Las Vegas, people love the classic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign. They love the fountains in front of the Bellagio hotel, the top of the Mandalay Bay at the Foundation Room, and the pools at the Wynn & Encore are pretty spectacular for selfie madness — but are any of those truly “the best” for vacation selfies?

In London, tourists love getting selfies with classic British double-decker buses. Trafalgar Square, Old Bond Street, the Cock Tavern, the Kensington Roof Gardens — all epic selfie spots.

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But again, what’s the best selfie city in the world? Can we say it’s London? Las Vegas? Or it is New York City?

When vacationing in NYC, nothing beats a Times Square selfie! The 230 Fifth Ave outdoor roof deck is a monumental selfie spot, too — panoramic views of midtown and the Empire State Building.

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Sometimes it’s great to get skiing or snowboarding selfies when you’re on top of the world at St. Moritz, Switzerland. Can be a little cold taking your gloves off, but it’s worth it for that once in a lifetime selfie buzz.

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Or, maybe the best selfie city in the world is right in your own hometown! Sometimes it’s not the specific location that matters, but the overall attitude and approach one takes to getting a great selfie. What’s the expression? Attitude determines your altitude.

We are sure every city has cool places for an epic selfie IRL. All you need is an adventurous selfie spirit, but not necessarily a trip around the world with your traveling selfie stick. Start in your hometown and then explore within your country. You’ll find some amazing spots.

What do you think? And now, what do you think your best selfie city in the world is? We’d like to see your vacation selfies on SelfieYo and share your tips with us on how you like to selfie when you’re traveling the world. Make it with friends or family, and have fun.

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