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The Best Selfie Apps

By September 20, 2018 June 27th, 2020 No Comments

Learn about the Best Selfie Apps

Check out SelfieYo!

Do you love selfies and playing with the best selfie apps on your phone? We sure do. That’s why we built, SelfieYo, one of the best new, free selfie apps on the App Store!

SelfieYo focuses on a new style of selfie photo-taking & chat designed to help you connect with other selfie-minded people nearby and selfie-loving friends in your address book. #YOLO

The selfie app gives you the option of either sending selfies to everyone nearby OR sending selfies selectively to people you pick in your address book.

There are a few primary components to the SelfieYo Selfie Chat App – we’ll cover the awesome selfie app features here.

1. Delete Your Pics On Other People’s Phones ❌

When you delete a picture or group of photos you took & sent on SelfieYo, we remove them from the system immediately. SelfieYo also removes these photos from anyone else that you sent private selfie photos to.

If you posted your selfies publicly, we delete them as well when you delete them from the SelfieYo app.

Basically, with SelfieYo, you can let people keep your pics as long as you want – but when you decide to remove them, we take care of the rest.

You should expect the best selfie apps to do these kinds of things for you!

2. Chat Rooms Made For Each Selfie Set 💬

Each time you make and send a new selfie, SelfieYo creates a unique app chat room for you and whomever you sent the pics to. If you posted your selfies publicly, we create a publicly accessible chat room that anyone in the area can join.

Public users will not necessarily know who you are (unless your profile pic or display name gives you away) – so you’re able to share photos publicly without giving away your identity to everyone.

If you share your selfie photos privately, your friends get a notification that you sent them something then they can join the chat room after they vote on your selfies.

3. Notifications If You Get Screenshotted 🔔

SelfieYo will send you a notification if someone screenshots your private selfies. We wanted to help give you a little more information about how your friends might be treating your selfies after you send them to them.

Sometimes knowing who tends to screenshot selfies – and who doesn’t – can help you get a sense for how you send pics, and to whom. That’s what the best selfie apps, like SelfieYo, do!

Remember, although the selfie app can detect when you’re screenshotted, we can’t prevent people from using another camera phone to take an actual picture.

So no matter what, be careful of what you send and who you send selfies to. Even the best selfie apps can’t replace good judgement when it comes to snapping selfies for bae.

4. Voting On Pics & Selfie Scores 🏆

SelfieYo has a simple voting system built-in so friends can vote on whether they like your best selfies or not. The feedback can help you take better and better selfies to up your selfie game! You get one point for every up-vote and you lose one point for every down-vote.

The vote score is based on each selfie photo and also you can see your cumulative score across all photos you have ever sent. Other people cannot see your cumulative score, but they can see your score on a selfie-by-selfie basis.

Right now the points are just to help you keep track of your skills. Eventually, we might add some more features around points. We’ll see!

5. Selfie Smile Detection Camera 😃

SelfieYo has the best built-in smile detection feature that activates the front-facing camera when you smile for a selfie. We wanted to make it a little bit easier to take great selfies and focus on your smile instead of pressing buttons at the optimal moment.

SelfieYo, the best free selfie app in the App Store, uses a customized, high-tech way of recognizing your selfie smile and then trigging the camera shutter to capture your best selfie.

All you have to do is smile big, flash your pearly whites and let the SelfieYo selfie app take the picture. You can apply filters, do some editing, add some text in any color you want, or modify your selfie with some emojis after you snap the photo.

6. Hot List Of Local Selfie Photos 😘

When browsing public selfies, you can sort based on the most recent nearby and highest ranking nearby. Generally speaking, we try to keep the freshest photos at the top – but for the Hot List we take into account overall score of points.

This creates a little incentive to try to take cool pics and get votes – awesome selfie app features like this help make SelfieYo one of the best FREE selfie apps in the App Store!

The more people up-vote your selfie, the higher you move in the Hot List. Overtime, your Hot selfie photos will go down and others will move – so keep snapping selfies and keep getting votes to stay on top.

Remember, Public & Hot are based on photos you share publicly – anyone nearby can see these selfies when using SelfieYo, the best selfie app on the planet!

7. Cool Way To Meet People Nearby 👯

One of the most interesting things in mobile these days is how cool selfie apps are enabling new social connections.

We wanted SelfieYo to provide you with as much privacy as possible, but at the same time make a new way to potentially explore what’s happening nearby and see awesome selfies.

Through the combination of photos and real-time chat, SelfieYo, one of the best selfie apps on the market, gives you new tools for seeing what’s happening around you and at the same time gives you a way to chat with people you might otherwise not know.

Like anything on social networks, you should be smart about how you post and share photos – hopefully you get really good at your selfie game and get lots of points!

If you’d like some tips on how to take a good selfie, check out this SelfieYo blog article and stay-tuned for more app reviews and feature updates on the best free selfie apps for iPhone and Android.

We’re constantly expanding the set of features to keep SelfieYo staying on the forefront of camera technology and features leading the best selfie apps out there.

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