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Bathroom Selfies: What Makes People Tick

By December 12, 2016 May 2nd, 2019 No Comments

OK, so this won’t actually be about bathroom selfies — that might be a little much, even for a selfie aficionado dedicated to understanding this component of the human condition that has captivated, or captured, as some might suggest, billions of people around the world…

This is about a world gone mad with selfies — and this selfie news junkie loves it.

A decade ago, well, maybe a hundred years ago, the concept of bathroom selfies would have been unfathomable — not to mention utterly unmentionable.


But, today, in an age of non-stop cat video sharing, information overload, fake news determining the fate of the free world and selfie-stick wielding tourists from Beijing to Boston, Billings to Bogatá, Boise to Bangalore — you get the point — there is no place too sacrosanct, no mirror too grubby, no toilet too busy with its intended use not be used as a selfie’able moment on the throne.

Flushable moments, indeed.

What have we come to?

Why are we snapping so many damn bathroom selfies?

Some research suggests that Millennials may be the first generation in recorded history to have lower prospects than their parental predecessors.

What does this have to do with selfies?

Well, when a cohort eventually comes to grips with its fate, it adapts.

Darwin takes over, as he usually does.

Think about it… a generation growing up on memes, mobile and surrounded by “social” expression has internalized that some concepts of wealth, growth and adulthood may, in fact, not be reasonably obtainable for themselves.

Sad. Enter the happy.

Enter the selfie.

So, adaptation through the use of available tools becomes the norm. Always has been the case.

Keeping up with the Joneses becomes less about buying a second home — the first is non-existent — and more about flaunting your selfie, building your reach…

Reach for the sake of influence, whatever it might mean within the cultural milieu of generations Z & M.

Is it good? Who knows. Not for this writer to judge — while snapping a bathroom selfie and enjoying an espresso.

Make no mistake, aggressive selfie’ing is not a fringe behavior — it’s a global, 24-7 response that might very well be changing the DNA of bots and babies yet to come.

At SelfieYo, we build mobile apps around the ideas of self expression, context and communication.

Since these tenets of humanity influence — or they should, anyway — every technology interaction, every flow, every button and every possibility in our technology, it’s important that we attempt to understand the underlying psychology that drives people to take more and more selfies.

Our prediction is that the selfie will continue to grow as a core form of micro expression — and will blend itself with heretofore unknown or lesser used technologies like virtual reality selfies and its applied cousin, augmented reality selfies.

Location will always remain a core part of the fabric of selfie discovery.

After all, when you have to take a bathroom selfie, you don’t want a toilet in another country — you want one close by.

Filters will take on new relevance and integrating the dimensions of our mind will become easier, more pervasive across the selfie universe. This will become as normal as mirror selfies and #OOTD selfies are today.

And, hopefully, someone will write another hit selfie song for us all to sing in Ibiza — via a virtual video held with a selfie stick in a hotel bathroom, of course.

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