Weird Selfies Rock

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Weird SelfiesWe love weird selfies. ❤️

Who doesn’t? They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us want to push the limits of our selfie game to new heights!

One of the most fun aspects of being on a supremely tight selfie app like SelfieYo is that you get to experiment with your selfie creativity in ways that you might be too afraid to on other social apps.

Have you tried the front facing, smile activated selfie camera on SelfieYo?

You should. ?

We love how weird selfies can be such a great conversation starter. How could you not want to talk to the person that takes funny, weird selfies?

But, before we get too excited about going hog wild with snapping weird pics like crazy people, let us not forget that not all weird selfies are necessarily cool…. sometimes they’re just, well, plain old odd!

Try to associate quirky selfies with labor that builds your selfie stamina in dignified ways vs. weird selfie poses that might not evoke the desired reaction of laughter or local chat connections.

Weird selfies can be bad or good, but quirky selfies are usually extra special.

Quirky selfies are an art. Here are some of the tips on how to master the art of quirky selfies so that before you know it, you’re snapping great pics without even thinking about it!

What Feels Comfy Could Look Weird

An angle that feels too comfortable is not always quirky or weird in a good way.

9 out of 10 times the picture just comes out really odd looking. You have to work at it.

If you are new to this, start with statement selfies.

You want pictures that send a message. For instance, the simplest example is that of your eyes pointing at something with the rest of your face, displaying an expression that shows your opinion about it.

These are usually the selfies where only half of the frame is dominated by you.

A bit of pre-selfie organization will work here.

Mirror Selfies Are Da Bomb

Nobody said you have to snap your selfies exclusively using the front facing camera. Mirror selfies are great. You actually have more room to throw some creative spark than you do with a regular selfie.

Let your entire body be showcased through the way you stand, what you are wearing, and how your limbs are motioning towards the camera.

Lighting Counts A Lot

Have you ever wondered why some quirky looking women look hotter and it seems like they are not trying? WRONG! They are so trying and it’s all planned that way.

The number one thing you will notice here is the lighting and the way they might have played with colors and their makeup.

The lighting falls perfectly on their good side or from behind them to make a sort of halo around their face.

It’s the look that says, “I’m really confident in the way I look,” so confident that I will make this adorable pseudo-unaware face of my cheeks pinched…

Sounds like you could barf, but these images are some of the most popular ones on social networks such as Instagram and SelfieYo.  Must be doing something right? Right…

Candid Pet Photography

You need this in your profile collection. A picture with your pet can never be wrong and it automatically makes you come off as a more loving person.

You don’t have to just capture the two of you in the frame. Imitate what your pet is doing or post a picture of your cat brushing you away for the hundredth time, looking annoyed while you look sad.

Weird Selfie Challenge

We challenge you to snap some weird selfies and post them on SelfieYo.

If we like them, we’ll give you some wider exposure by allowing everyone around the world to vote on them.

We have a new tool that allows us to expand the reach of cool selfies by making them global — this helps people in remote areas have fun photos and videos to engage with and it helps our coolest users influence the happiness of more and more people.

Get the latest SelfieYo chat app, stay up to date as we make new updates and keep pushing the limits of your weird selfie game in 2017.

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