Tips & Selfie Pose Ideas

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Now that we are smack in the middle of the golden selfie age, there are so many tried and true killer selfie poses that work for every look and one may be the very selfie pose that could make your crush reach out to you.

That’s right, selfies have the power to do that and here is how to take advantage of it…

The Head Hold Selfie Pose

Say goodbye to the head tilt, a new selfie pose is in town. This is the pose where you put one hand at the back of your head — and no, it is not the hair hold where you pin your hair on the side of your head.

This is more of a head-on look where you can look more confident and daunting in the picture, in a good way.

The Lady Like Claw

Want to take a casual snap just before the big event you dolled up for? Rest your fingers on your cheek and flash that manicure. It is semi-candid and super flawless — like the complete you in one head selfie.

It makes you look playful but also serious.

The Power Selfie Pose

When you are taking a shot with the camera above you so that your entire body is in the frame or when you are taking a full mirror selfie, make sure that your free arm is by your side with your body turned at a slight angle.

Just don’t tilt your head.

This makes you look tall and impressive and gives you a sense of power in the picture.

Try it with an OOTD selfie pose if you’re feeling extra ambitious.

Wind In Your Hair

This is timeless. Who doesn’t like their locks swinging in the wind to make for a candid picture? It’s why we wanted Pocahontas’ hair as little girls.

So, don’t be afraid to snap one while you have the chance.

The Unaware Pout

A pout is the perfect way to not have to look straight at the camera. It looks totally innocent, but in a way that makes you look oh so fly.

You can even take one that starts below the nose and focuses more on your lips, your accessories and your gorgeous outfit. It also works to add a bit of mystery to your selfie.

Throwing Shade Selfie Pose

Think Willow Smith. Look confidently into the lens knowing that your hair, makeup and outfit are on fleek. Now, droop your eyes a bit and there you go! You have yourself a shade throwing selfie pose.

Do not put your free hand to your face, though, as it sends the message that you are showcasing your face or a makeup look.

Pet Prop Selfie

When in doubt, hold a pet with you in the selfie. The smile your pooch brings to your face is the perfect au naturel look you can go for. Remember to give your furry friend a treat after the selfie.

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