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Selfie marketing is one of the hottest trends in the mobile advertising world. What’s interesting about selfie marketing is how it can turn the traditional world of marketing and advertising upside down.

Power shifts from a centralized group of brand decision makers to a long-tail of actual consumers who love a brand so much that they willingly snap selfies with the products they buy.

In the past, brands and advertisers would hire ad agencies to design their advertisements, marketing campaigns and pretty much everything about how a brand or retailer would try to sell its products or services to consumers.

Now, we’re all seeing the power of the mobile consumer and how selfie marketing is dramatically influencing brand sentiment.

Mobile Selfie Advertising

In the age of social media, in particular mobile social media, the power of influence has shifted more directly to consumers themselves and those who have the ability to affect the purchase decisions of others.

There are more and more social influencers having a major affect on brand purchase decisions.

Selfie marketing is not limited strictly to extremely large social influencers.

There’s a long-tail of selfie marketing that crosses every category of consumer goods, every location and every season of purchase.

Mobile selfie marketing has a direct line to brand loyalty and true ongoing brand engagement.

Brand Selfies and Loyalty

If you think about the concepts of social brand endorsements — one of the most powerful types of product endorsements is when someone uses and owns a product and loves it so much that they’re willing to show it off in their own photos and videos!

Loyalty gets stronger among new buyers when they feel a direct endorsement from a “normal” person in their social circle.

It’s much different when a consumer knows a famous person is being paid to market a brand vs. when regular people around you are showcasing their love for a product.

Consumers are clever and the brain immediately tells us that selfie marketing is radically different, in a good way, from traditional, celebrity endorsement style approaches to advertising.

Selfie Marketing

At SelfieYo, we’re not suggesting that every selfie you take should be a product advertisement — in fact, far from it. You need to be thoughtful about how you choose to exercise your power as a product influencer!

However, if the moment or mood strikes you, you should take advantage of your selfie prowess and feel free to make the endorsement that feels right!

The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

We challenge you to use SelfieYo to start practicing your selfie marketing skills.

Test out new angles, test out new selfie poses with your favorite products, test out how you choose to frame your favorite brands. Do selfie experiments with products around the house and generally just aim to have fun while living your everyday life.

Don’t forget to read the SelfieYo Guide to Snapping Brand Selfies and come back for more tips on selfie marketing.

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