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Face AR SelfieYo App

Location-based chat app partners with leading Face AR platform to create consumer activation-ready mobile promotions on iPhone and Android.

Selfies and chat drive social around the world. MoodMe, the world’s leading Face AR platform for mobile developers, and SelfieYo have partnered to create a unique brand activation solution that combines cutting-edge computer vision technology with SelfieYo’s location-based chat app for iPhone and Android.

MoodMe, a Belgium based Face AR effects company, powers face-tracking features that enables AR within SelfieYo’s turnkey promotions app for events, activations and unique brand experiences.

“People love chatting and taking selfies. There are a lot of apps out there in the dating space and super ephemeral, but not much in the way of location oriented chat that allows brands to encourage engagement in ways that meets the needs of retail partners, CPG and promotes added value to mainstay marketing programs,” said Jamie Thompson, CEO of SelfieYo. 

SelfieYo has been developing and testing its selfie chat app across select cities in the United States and Asia. It has a unique ability to leverage location, video mapping and automated brand interaction with product fans and ambassadors. SelfieYo will be working with select brand partners to test in retail and at-shelf selfie oriented marketing opportunities.

“Working with MoodMe has been a great way for us to augment our team’s skills in computer vision and face tracking, which is obviously critical in the selfie space! We believe the combination of great developer tools from MoodMe with applied brand experiences in SelfieYo is win for everyone,” said Thompson. 

“Consumers are snapping and sharing photos all day, everyday and in nearly every retail store from Boston to Bombay, Dallas to Detroit, and London to Long Island. The combination of selfies, location technology, chat and sophisticated brand bots is really going to be the future of how shopper marketing campaigns connect and influence consumers in experiential campaigns.” 

The SelfieYo chatbot system can complement existing brand campaigns or be the centerpiece activation component for new marketing programs.

“With mobile chatbot technology, there is no such thing as turnkey brand bot intelligence just yet. There is a lot of customized development that goes into these things in order to ensure that rules, tone and brand expectations are properly integrated into SelfieYo. We’ve built the foundation and have experience in the shopper marketing space for brand activations, so it seemed like a natural extension of SelfieYo to begin brand oriented chatbot programs,” said Thompson. 

MoodMe is delighted with the partnership with SelfieYo. Its CEO realized the potential of combining the branded chat with MoodMe Face AR platform and its development teams built and launched the product well and fast with no need of support, which validated our platform maturity to be adopted by developers worldwide.

About SelfieYo

SelfieYo is a location-based photo and video chat app on iPhone and Android. The app will display photos taken on SelfieYo based on your location. After snapping photos, people may vote on selfies and chat with others in the area.

Learn more at: https://SelfieYo.com

Get the SelfieYo iPhone app on the App Store at http://AppStore.com/SelfieYo

About MoodMe

MoodMe is a face technology company advancing the future of face analytics, emotion detection and augmented reality face effects.

MoodMe products are 100% based on proprietary technology and its Intellectual Property is protected, with 1 Patent issued by US PTO, 6 Patents filed and 2 Trademarks granted.

MoodMe offers Freedom to Brands and Apps to create Face Augmented Reality experiences.

Based in Palo Alto, Belgium and Luxembourg, MoodMe has been used by Fortune 500’s around the world. MoodMe customers include ATT Final Four, GUCCI, Glaxo, Airtime, Advantal (India), Hi5 http://www.mood-me.com/customers/ 

Learn more at: http://Mood-Me.com


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