No Followers, No Problem! No Pressure Social Chat App.

Benny of Essex Magazine on SelfieYo the Local Chat Social Network to Meet New Friends Nearby

No Followers, No Problem! No Pressure Social Chat App.

Sometimes “social” feels like more work than fun. Worrying about who’s following you and how big your network is, blah, blah, blah. It spoils your mood and takes your time.

Who needs more stress? Not us!

SelfieYo is a no pressure, anxiety-free zone, social networking chat app where you don’t have to worry about followers because there’s no such thing as “followers” on SelfieYo.

No followers, no problem!

Here’s the deal: you snap selfies or record videos. Hold the record button down like other apps. Then share them public with people around you.

It’s a new way to meet people, chat with people or simply express yourself.

Nobody can judge you based on your followers because there’s no need. There’s no followers concept on SelfieYo. Just many new people in your life, new communication, new friends.

In fact, SelfieYo is really about helping you satisfy your urges to be creative and connect with people nearby in a judgement-free way.

So here’s a quick overview on how to use SelfieYo:

  1. Download the free app for iPhone or Android. It is free.
  2. Login or register your account with your mobile number (similar to WhatsApp).
  3. Snap selfies. Try the smile detecting selfie camera or make some videos. Remember to smile. It’s always good idea to smile.
  4. Tap the “Share Public in …” button to post your selfies for others to see.
  5. Go and vote, chat and make friends with other people you see in the app.
  6. Repeat and keep SelfieYo’ing, baby!

On SelfieYo, the more you give, the more likely you are to get in return. Contribute cool selfies, make personal videos, share your experiences. Invite your friends to this app, and communicate with them by selfie. ❤️

P.S. Special thanks to handsome Benny of Essex Magazine for helping to spread the good word about SelfieYo in London! Cheers, Benny! Here’s to giving people a new social, less stressful way of making new friends and having fun with old ones without the stigma of feeling like quantity matters over quality.

P.P.S. Quick tip on permanently deleting any of your content from SelfieYo — when you tap the profile button on the side bar of SelfieYo app to go to your profile, you’ll see a gallery view of anything you have sent Public or Private.  If you hold your finger down for a 1/2 second on any piece of content, it’ll be removed from all of SelfieYo and everyone else’s SelfieYo app, too!

Go have some fun!