#Drink Selfie Contest!

SelfieYo Selfie Drink Contest

#Drink Selfie Contest!

Sipping and Snapping – the #Drink Selfie Contest!

SelfieYo recently launched a new update on the iPhone app and we’re about to push some big stuff on Android soon!

To celebrate & connect with new SelfieYo ambassadors, we figured what’s better than a selfie contest with a few prizes and a shot at selfie glory.

Enter the #drink selfie contest, exclusively on SelfieYo! To take part in our contest, you don’t need to do anything hard!

Here’s how to join in:

  • Snap a selfie using SelfieYo with your favorite drink
  • Put #drink in the subject box of your SelfieYo
  • Share your selfie PUBLIC on SelfieYo
  • After that, you have officially entered the competition!

After that all you need to do is get as many friends as possible to +1 vote your #drink selfie on SelfieYo.

The top 5 players will get featured on SelfieYo and each will receive a $25 Visa gift card. That’s enought to buy a few jar of your favoirite drink.

What better way to show some serious love for your favorite #drink than to take a picture of it and post it?

Mountain Dew Selfie Contest Drink SelfieYo

SelfieYo superstar Benji with his Mountain Dew!

Squeeze your face in there and get it on SelfieYo!

Don’t just write how you feel, show it in pure, raw facial expression. Show how you love this drink!  Like this…

Let’s be honest. If you aren’t in the picture, did it ever really happen? Photos where there is just can of a drink is not so interesting. Be sure to selfie with your happy face. 

Selfies and drinks go hand in hand. Like cheese and wine, Lilo and Stitch, peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde — and lots of other stuff.

Bars have been using selfies as a means of promoting their business or products. Coca-Cola even invented a ‘selfie bottle’ that takes a snap of you every time you take a sip of coke!

Why not take a selfie with a drink? It is like a selfie with your friend! 

For when you find yourself without friends and a solo picture would look – well – lonely, your Peach Frappe is there for you. Your Iced Mocha Latte has your back.

Taking selfies with your favorite drinks is one of the greatest ways to show brand loyalty.

SelfieYo gives you the perfect platform to show your drinks enthusiasm and share the love when it comes to you and your favorite drinks brands. Choose from loads of cool filters to turn your humble drink selfie into a work of art!

Keep sipping. Keep snapping. Keep SelfieYo’ing. ❤️

For some tips and selfie pose ideas, see this!