Avocado SelfieYo Challenge

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Let’s unite the people of America and Mexico around something we can all agree is AWESOME — the avocado. ?

There is a reason the avocado emoji recently came into play. There is a reason the avocado is the base ingredient in guacamole.

And there is a reason why we must be seen and heard as supporters avocado rights!

It will not be good for ANYONE if the price of avocados goes up more through a trade war between America and Mexico. Not good.

So, today, we introduce the SelfieYo Avocado Challenge!

We want to show that the level of discourse has reached an untenable level and the best way to dial back the rhetoric is through something more kind spirited and fun — let’s show how we can benefit by working together vs. working against each other.

To participate in the Avocado SelfieYo Challenge, all you need to do is this:

  1. Download SelfieYo app for iPhone or Android – it’s FREE!

  2. Go get yourself an avocado or some guacamole

  3. Take a selfie on SelfieYo and post it PUBLIC – you’ll see the button!

We will create a collage of avocado selfies and we’ll see if we can, collectively, influence a friendlier path towards sustainable, fair, and friendly relations between our two great nations.

Viva Mexico! ??  and God Bless America! ??