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Sexy Selfie Tips by SelfieYo

You might be looking for sexy selfies that you can send to that special someone and just want something that screams brains with beauty, and way, WAAAYYYY out of your league to that f*ckboi.

Fortunately, there is a way to do it right and we’re going to help you get it done! ?

You might even find that you like sexy selfies so much that you make one your profile pic on your SelfieYo!

Prepping Sophisticated Selfies

Before you start snapping, tilting your head, brushing your hair away from your face and pouting at the camera lens on your phone, take a step back and breathe.

For great, sexy selfies, location and attitude are everything. You need to find a background that is flattering and simple. You should also make sure that there are no messy counters, beds or toilets in the shot.

There’s a common misconception going around that a mirror selfie can never amount to a sexy selfie.

Nothing is wrong with a mirror selfie — as long you clean it and free it of tiny blotches and stains that you only see with a careful squint.

What you might not see, the camera still picks up. ?

Vintage Makeup Tips

When in doubt, go with the classic style of the liquid sharp eyeliner and cherry red lips. Pick up a liquid liner that has a brush tip as it helps with defining a fine line and enhancing a pretty looking wing. ?

Red makeup has always taken the place of an instant makeup kit — you can never go wrong there. Go bold with the shade and don’t hold back.

Think passion. Think bae.

You should be shopping for something that has a blue undertone — and at the same time, flatters your skin tone, too.

Choose a matte finish over a glossy sheen one — it will look a lot more vintage and won’t end up all over your face and teeth every time your facial expression changes.

Clothes Made for the Camera

The camera loves black sweaters. Yes, it’s one of the un-solved mysteries of the modern world.

If your sweater’s texture looks luxurious and touchable, you can’t go wrong with a high neckline to appear not only sophisticated, but also very sexy.

To flatter your silhouette under the high neckline and the all covering sweater, you might want to wear a good fitting bra.

Another great article of clothing is the high-waisted skirt as it accentuates your curves.

If you don’t have these in stock and are stuck with an entirely different outfit, add a plain black belt to the top — it can do wonders.

When you snap the picture, hold your breath. ?

Make sure that you post the best selfie of all your snaps after you have followed the steps above.

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