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SelfieYo App - Your Local Feed IRL of Photos, Friends and Stuff Nearby
  • Local Selfie Chat App for iPhone
  • Local Selfie Chat App for Android
  • Share Pics & Videos to Your Local Feed


    Post Videos & Pics to Meet New Friends

    Make your local feed fun by posting selfies for friends nearby to see or share in private mode. ❤

    Get +1’s to Climb the Local HOT List

    Improve your college feed, event or school rank as friends up-vote your SelfieYo’s. 🔥

    Ultra Privacy Features & Easy to Delete Chats, Pics, Etc.

    Press down on any of your sent selfies for 1-second to delete all messages in a chat group. 🗑

    Automatic Smile Detecting Selfie Camera

    Super fast selfie cam — just SMILE to snap a selfie or enter a promotion! 😀

    SelfieYo on the Blockchain: Building a Hybrid DApp Across Layer One Crypto Protocols⛓✨

    In this post we will explain what we mean by a hybrid DApp, why it matters, how we are developing integrations across multiple layer one crypto protocols and how the SGT integration in-app will initially function. We are quite possibly living in George Orewell’s 1984…