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5 Tips For Taking Great Selfies

By January 20, 2018 April 28th, 2019 No Comments

Taking Great Selfies Is Not Easy!

But if you want to look great in your selfies, you need to read these tips on taking great selfies with your iPhone or Android.

It’s normal to want to read about tips on taking great selfies for bae, right?

We’re all doing it, we’re all taking & sharing more selfies than ever these day, but what separates the good, the bad, and the ugly? After careful observation of millions of selfies in the wild, we have some selfie tips to share. Pay particular attention to #4.

taking great selfies

1. Smile – This one may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how big of a difference showing a toothy grin can make in the overall ratings of a selfie. Adding a smile is a no-brainer way to drive your selfies to the top of the charts. Generally speaking, we find that the bigger the smile, the better the results.

Just don’t forget to brush your teeth first!

2. Rope A Friend – What we mean here is, involve a friend, a pet, or, if you’re lucky enough to get a celebrity to pose with you you, you’ll be in better shape. The only thing better than looking at one big selfie smile is looking at two or three. That said, we don’t recommend going overboard with tons of people in your selfie.

At some point it’s not a selfie anymore, it’s just a group shot. Remember, it’s really tough to do group selfies as well as Ellen and Bradley Cooper. You can try, but we advise sticking with two or three friends per shot.

3. Show Some Arm – Look, let’s be real, it’s a selfie and that’s the whole point. It’s not wrong to show a little outstretched arm to let people know you mean business and you’re not afraid to work the camera a bit.

Just be careful not to allow your arm, wrist or hand to look limp. The further out you can stretch your arm, the better. If you have tiny arms, say anything less than 16 inches, you should consider getting a selfie stick.

Related to the arm tip, it’s also OK to do the occasional mirror selfie. This is better than trying to mount your camera and automating a selfie. That’s just creepy and misleading.

4. Make It Personal – There are a lot of selfies flooding the internet these days. The best way to make your selfie stand out is to keep it relevant to the audience you are intending it for. Yes, there are such things as general purpose selfies, but unless you’re the Pope, Scott Disick, or Ross Mathews, your selfie needs some context.

An interesting position, the wild outdoors, some hidden secrets in the background; these all make for better selfies. If you can’t come up with anything, consider downloading some images on your laptop that make you look like you’re on a safari, in a the ocean, or potentially even on the moon.

Remember, your job is not just to get some emotional satisfaction with your selfies, it’s to entertain your audience. Make it count.

5. Mix It Up – You want to live an interesting life or at least appear like you do in your selfies, right? You’ve got to constantly be challenging yourself to take more creative selfies.

No one wants to see 800 pics of you sitting at your kitchen table chowing down cereal all day long. Take selfies where no one has taken a selfie before, or at least where you have never taken a selfie.

Go to new places — even if that means sitting on that kitchen table instead of sitting in the chair — really push the envelope with your selfies and you’ll see better results in no time.

Keep practicing and do whatever you have to do to let the creative juices flow as your weird selfie game prowess grows stronger day by day.

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