Your “Selfiesteem” – Vanity vs. Confidence

How To Take A Good Selfie

Although selfies are a great, fun way of taking awesome mobile photographs of yourself, they can sometimes become overwhelming if you feel like you’re not in control of your selfie game.

Not that we don’t enjoy selfies, we love ‘em!

But there’s a fine line that all selfie lovers need to identify and understand to make sure their self-assurance does not progressively turn into unchecked vanity.

Finding everyone glued to their smartphone screens these days has become the norm. It’s all good.

Read on…

Surfing online, texting friends, and taking snaps of your current agenda through the integrated camera lens of your super-cool Android or iPhone has become more of lifestyle than anything else.

Of course, taking selfie snaps of yourself doing things you enjoy has become mundane and routine, yet many misconceptions link taking a lot of selfies with narcissism and vanity.

We are here to prove that is not necessarily always the case — considering the fact that a selfie is essentially a self-portrait and can also be termed as a form of personal expression.

To all the selfie haters and discriminators, let us differentiate between confidence and vanity to help you understand there’s no harm in taking pictures of yourself.

Vanity is posting a string of different selfies that have been taken at the same place and at the same time. The angles and poses don’t really matter; you just think you look great in all of them!

Confidence is when you post selfies in moderation and for a good reason, too. It’s okay to post a picture of your brand new hairstyle, but 300 photos? Maybe stick with ten.

Vanity is when you find yourself looking for everyone’s approval. These are the kind of people who caption a photo like “I look so fat,” just to hear other people say “No, you’re not.”

Confidence doesn’t require much reassurance. Confident people are humble about their own looks and don’t require your gratification. They’re like “I know I look good in this picture, so I guess you guys should get a load of this!”

Vanity is when you flaunt each pose in a way that makes it look like you are showing off, or taking selfie snaps in a highly provocative manner. These people feed on attention and would crumble when they stop getting it.

Confidence is knowing your limits and staying within them but still managing to look great! They would never try to post stuff that looks like an act of bravado.

It can be very difficult to assess what can make a person vain or utterly confident for that matter — and this causes a lot of misjudgment among the masses.

What you should do is focus on these two words:

— Admiration

— Appreciation

Somebody who is possessed by vanity has a lot of self-admiring habits and they practically overflow with pride. On the other hand, a confident person knows how to appreciate themselves, and apply moderation in every aspect of their lives.

It’s like that ancient secret thing, everything in moderation is the recipe to total bliss!

A few selfies a day is completely cool.

You just might have a problem if you’re taking 1,000+ selfies a day!

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