What’s Your Selfie Strategy for 2015?

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As we look into the final chapter of 2014, you should ask yourself whether or not your selfie game was a great as it could have been. Did you reach new heights with visual effectiveness? Did you build more meaningful relationships through genuine selfies? Did you innovate your selfie game and help improve the happiness of those that depend on your selfies for Internet cheer?

This may sound silly to some, but selfies are no laughing matter when it comes to the global movement of billions; the sheer volume and velocity of the most ubiquitous form of expression known to woman, man, cat and mobile phones alike.  In 2014, we estimate that at least 500 billion selfies were taken around the world with mobile phones.  That’s fresh, authentic selfies through the lenses of iPhones and Androids from New York to Manila, Ho Chi Minh City to Houston, and Frankfurt to France.

Today, at SelfieYo, we build for a future where self-expression through selfies knowns no limit and is bounded only by ones own unyielding desire to improve the lives of friends and families through better selfies. This takes skill. It takes technology. It takes guts. The road to the perfect selfie is paved with 10,000 bad selfies. We’ve all been there.

We won’t pretend to know exactly what the right selfie 2015 strategy is for you; it’s a deeply personal, deeply objective-driven thing. But we will give you some high-level guidance to shape your selfie strategy as you think about what’s next.

1. Be purposeful. Send the message to your circle of friends and those you care about that selfies are how you build meaningful, enduring connections. In the end, they’ll respect your drive and likely emulate your strategy. This is when you know you’re getting closer to selfie nirvana.

2. Be consistent. It’s tough breaking through the noise of daily life with so much social chaos around us each and every day. The best way to help maintain point #1 (purposeful selfies) is to be consistent about delivering your best shots. Sometimes you will fail, and that’s ok. But like all good things, great selfie game takes practice, practice, and more practice. Stick with it and bae will stick with you.

3. Be selfless. Yes, we know this is a bit of an oxymoron, but remember that the best selfies are not about you, they’re about spreading joy to others. Your selfie is about inspiring emotion. Selfless selfies will be the hallmark of high-achieving mobile enthusiasts that choose to live a life worthy of imitation. Make your selfies something greater than yourself so that all may live the dream through your lens.

4. Stay hungry. An insatiable appetitive for higher achievement will keep you going even when your selfie game seems low. Feed the desire, the burning in the belly with more and more selfies that show the world your creativity, your skill and your zest for life. Do not get complacent as this is when you become vulnerable to take-over by more disciplined selfie students.

And finally, remember that in the long run your selfie game is about inspiring a sense of selfie in others and showing through example the path to selfie greatness.