Top Selfie App Features 2016

Best Selfie Apps

Debating the top selfie app features for the best selfie apps of 2016 is like politics. Everyone has their own view and opinion on what makes a selfie app the best and what features are most important to selfie aficionados.

But one thing is absolutely certain when it comes to top selfie app features in 2016 —  a clean UI, complete compatibility between iPhone and Android, and being really fast are at the top of everyone’s list!

At SelfieYo, we spend a lot of time making sure the basics of your selfie game are in good hands when you use the SelfieYo app.

We want to make sure that the your photo snapping experience is easy, quick and functional. This starts with keeping a very clean and clear user interface — something that should definitely be at the top of every selfie app’s objective list.

When you snap a selfie with SelfieYo, you have the option of posting it public or posting it private.

What this means is that you can share your photos with people nearby in the public mode — making your pics available to anyone else who wants to vote on your snap, potentially chat with you and potentially start an epic selfie-infused relationship!

When you share you selfie in private mode on SelfieYo, you select from your address book who you want to send the photos to. The person you share with will get a notification that you sent them a SelfieYo and then can vote, chat and send selfies in return.

Now, a critical top selfie app feature that helps ensure you’ve got control over your selfies at all times is that when you delete your selfie from SelfieYo, the snap is removed from the entire system including the apps of anyone else that may have voted on and viewed your selfie.

Granular control is a pretty important top selfie app feature these days.

We heard recently that Taylor Swift’s old selfies from the MySpace days were discovered. They’re definitely awesome selfies, but this was well before the era of location based selfie games and control over your photos once you push them to someone else’s mobile phone.

Another feature topping the list for 2016’s best selfie apps is the ability to do cool edits on your pics.

With SelfieYo, there is a photo editor tool that offers a lot of editing options. You can use the color splash feature to turn your selfies into black and white masterpieces and then fill-in color with the smart brush. It creates a cool effect that shows you’ve got selfie game strong for bae. 💪💋

We also include a meme editor and a whole bunch of photo filters to help you add your own spice to each and every selfie. At the moment, the SelfieYo iPhone selfie app has a few extra photo editing features like being able to add emoji to your pics. We’re working on adding those enhancements into the Android selfie app, too! 👌🏼🙋

On the subject of compatibility between Android and iOS, we found that too many photo apps do not include proper emoji display support across operating systems. We fixed this in SelfieYo so you if you’re an Android user, you will see the native iOS emoji as the iPhone user intended to display them!

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Thanks for reading about some of our thoughts on the top selfie app features of 2016! For a tutorial on how to use the SelfieYo smile detection feature, check out Cam’s video here!

Be sure to snap some pics and post them on SelfieYo! 😂😘

YOLO 💋✌️