The Art of the Selfie Snap

The Art of the Selfie Snap

There is no single one way to take a great selfie snap, but there is a core principle that should guide all selfie snaps you ever take on your iPhone or Android — your selfies must create an emotional win-win-win.

Always remember this.

A winning selfie snap is one that rewards the three key parties to a selfie: the selfie snap taker, the selfie viewer, and the selfie itself.

To start, let’s review the motivations of the selfie taker and what it means to “win” for the person snapping the photo or the SelfieYo, as the case may be.

Snapping a selfie should be a rewarding experience that captures some essence of yourself in time. The selfie can be directly linked to a place, an event, an outfit, or some emotion you wish to capture and share.

There’s really no limit to the hows, the whens, or the wheres of selfie’ing when it comes to creating a moment in time that you want to capture.

Selfie often and selfie with joy.

So, “winning” in this respect is almost guaranteed as long as you snap a selfie you are proud of.

This generally means: clarity, a focal point of the selfie snap, something interesting about the photo. We have covered this in past posts and will expand on it in the future.

Now, onto the trickier part of the Art of the Selfie: the viewer must feel something.

Your selfie should create a sensational moment in the hearts of everyone else that views it.

There is not necessarily a steadfast rule on what type of emotion your selfie should create — but it should definitely give the viewer a moment of pause to feel something connecting him or her to that moment whence you snapped said selfie.

Consider a sense of joy, a sense of shared compassion, a sense of happiness or laughter; your selfie should evoke the human emotion in a way that gives it meaning for others on SelfieYo, on Instagram, on Snapchat, or whatever selfie outlet you choose to snap on.

And that gets us to the final element of the Art of the Selfie — the selfie itself must “win” in order for the other parties to be satisfied by the experience.

What does this mean? Well, after you snap your selfie, it takes on a life of its own.

The selfie is now the embodiment of a moment, that, without it, would be forever lost in the space time continuum.

So this means that the selfie becomes a fleck in the universe that will live to infinity if, that’s a big if, it has a genuine sense of satisfactory meaning that can be felt by others.

Hence, a “win” for the selfie snap itself.

The best way to ensure you are adhering to the Art of the Selfie rules is to practice your game on SelfieYo. We encourage you to snap daily and strive to improve with each and every selfie.

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