The 7 Deadly Sins of Bad Selfies

Nude Selfie Artist Takes Pics In Paris With Tourists

We recently heard that Milo Moiré, a Swiss artist known for her controversial work, was arrested for taking nude selfies with tourists in Paris. While this, in our opinion, is far from a deadly sin, it did get us thinking about some of the ways that poor selfie behavior could get one into trouble!

SelfieYo regularly provides tips on how to improve your selfie game and gives insights into the SelfieYo Selfie Chat App features, but this is our first list on the darker side of selfies.

“The 7 Deadly Sins of Bad Selfies” – bear with us, just don’t bare it all with us!

1. Selfie Filter Abuse 😡

We all love a good selfie filter and it’s OK to partake in some regular selfie beautification. Who doesn’t like looking tan and on fleek for bae? But, if you’re someone who uses every filter trick in the book to basically make yourself look like a porcelain doll, you might be committing a deadly selfie sin. Worse, if you selectively apply filter tools only to your face and you leave others in the photo un-touched, you’re definitely committing one of the most heinous selfie sins in the book!

2. Overaggressive Selfie Cropping 👿

Do you crop your friends out of every selfie? Do you insist on taking selfies over and over until you think you look perfect – with total disregard for others? If you’re always cropping others out just to get the best view of yourself, chances are your friends secretly hate this. You might want to consider taking a step back and adjusting your attitude when it comes to cropping the faces of friends in selfies. Don’t be a salty selfie taker.

3. Selfie Deception 😳

Some people just flat out make stuff up in selfies. Do you lie about your location? Do you use props and background material to stage your selfies so others think you are having more fun than you really are? OK – this can be a little funny and moderatly acceptable from time-to-time, but don’t overdo it. We’ve written about the beauty of candid selfies many times. You should focus on using selfies for truth and light; not deception and disorder.

4. Face Slam Selfies 😖

Up close and personal selfies can jump through the iPhone screen, practically in 3D. Sometimes it’s necessary to get a super close selfie of your face, but unless you’re showing your dermatologist a zit that you need help with, please try to keep at least 12 to 18 inches between your face and the camera. We don’t need to see the pores on your face or the hairs in your nostrils! Don’t be a selfie face slammer.

5. Always-Drunk Selfies 😵

Party selfies are nothing new. It’s fun to take party pics and selfie it up like it’s New Year’s every Saturday night, but if you’re consistently drunk in all or most of your selfies, you might have a problem. You may not even realize that your drunk selfies are creating a reputation for you that doesn’t reflect what you see in the mirror. You see good times and laughs; the world sees a sad selfie clown spinning out of control. Be careful with the party shots. You never know what might surface on the Internet in 10 years.

As a side note, SelfieYo App is totally ephemeral. Meaning, you can delete your selfies from everyone else’s phone whenever you want. You should think about this a bit.

6. The Grubby Selfie 😒

The total opposite of the selfie filter abuser is often the selfie grubster. Grubsters don’t shower enough, they don’t care about their appearance and, as you can guess, they usually have an unkempt, smelly look about them as the name implies. If you’re a grubster, you probably should be doing other things (like showering) than taking a selfie. We’re not talking about selfies after a workout or selfies related to physical activities that make you hot and sweaty.

We’re talking about the couch potato, Cheeto-finger’d, hasn’t showered in 3 days selfie. No one wants to see that. Clean your selfies up.

7. Selfie Stick Battery 🚔

This one is real bad and can get land you in jail. DO NOT hit people with your selfie stick. The selfie stick is developing a bad reputation in places like museums, nursing homes and even nail salons where would-be selfie-takers are getting too aggressive and whacking passersby with their selfie sticks. There is no defense for selfie battery and we don’t want you to ruin the genius of selfie sticks for the rest of us.

Be nice, collapse your stick when you’re not using it, and under no circumstances should you ever hit someone with your selfie stick.