Taylor Swift’s Addiction Nobody Knew About

Taylor Swift & Sam Smith

The most influential 25-year old in America, singer, songwriter & actress, Taylor Swift is always in the news. Whether for her philanthropy, her relationships, or something else; recently, she has been the centre of attention for her no-make up selfies.

Taylor always looks stunning at the award shows, flaunting her signature black eyeliner, red lipstick and those perfect long legs. Her model height just adds to the magic she creates on the Red Carpet. But nothing can beat her over-the-shoulder selfie pose that she has so gorgeously mastered.

Recently in an interview for Vanity Fair, she admitted to having a selfie addiction. When asked about it, she said that selfies are a daily occurrence for her and she loves to take dozens of them.

The no-makeup selfie has presented a new look to Taylor’s usual repertoire of perfectly coiffed hair and full-makeup selfies.

Unlike Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, she doesn’t post no-make selfies on a regular basis that’s why the new selfie genre has been a surprising change for her fans. She quoted that she doesn’t need a lick of makeup to make her look beautiful. We agree with you, Taylor.

Taylor looks bright-eyed and must regularly be getting a good night’s sleep to get her face glowing with so much pizzazz. Her hair also looks quite perfect in the pictures and might have had a comb run through pre-selfie, but that’s ok. She definitely looks great in her no-makeup-selfies (as always).

Anyways, who needs makeup if you can look like that without it? Not Taylor!

Her cat, Olivia Benson, also appears in some of her selfies – looking adorable, just like Taylor. The rare cat-selfie has left us wanting more of such beautiful and bold selfies.

Well, it’s been a change to see Taylor in the front camera picture – mostly, we just get a glimpse of the toned shoulders and back.

Now we know the secret!

Taylor is mostly seen in her over-the-shoulder look but her latest fashion shoot has been quite different. She appears on the cover page of Vanity Fair, September edition. The iconic red lipstick still reigns over the star’s gorgeous features, her hair looking just the right shade of brown and her suit creaming class. She has an arm resting on the piano and looks quite at ease in the pose.

Taylor is so on fleek.

Regarding her reputation of being a style icon for so many young women around the globe, she humbly admitted to just being able to put together a good outfit. Who would believe that she is such a big star? Don’t you just love her?

We know that she is extremely polite and nice to everyone, especially her fans. She knows how much her fans regard her, and so, is conscious of that responsibility.

The Hollywood Reporter has described her as ‘the Best People Person since Bill Clinton’. And it’s completely true.

Taylor uses social media sites to stay in touch with her fans and had even invited 100 fans to appear in her ‘Shake it Off’ music video. But, she didn’t stop there.

According to her, the relationship with her fans is the best and longest relationship she has ever had and she lives up to her words by inviting them to her house and sending them gifts. That’s just, like, WOW!

Well, let’s just hope that she keeps posting such refreshing selfies. Even the rare species who don’t love selfies might get inspired by her actions.

You go, girl!