Taking Perfect Selfies Made Easy

Perfect Selfie Tips

It feels like a real moment of truth when someone says your selfie is absolutely gorgeous, but behind every successful selfie, there are about ten failed ones and we choose to ignore that selfie fact like it doesn’t even exist.

Taking selfies is not like taking a regular photograph — it can be tricky to actually take a selfie with absolutely no flaws. Even so, some celebrities and famous personalities seem to have figured out the perfect recipe for a perfect selfie.

Without further ado, let us diagnose what it really is that can make your self-loving snaps look like they were meant to be.

The Angle Is Important

A good selfie is always taken from a higher angle than your eye-level, since it has a very flattering effect.

Aiming your camera at your face from up above is the first habit you have to master in order to make sure you take great snaps.

Finding The Light

We all know that lighting in a picture is everything. The more light you have flowing into the eye of the camera, the more detail it will be able to capture. The result – a beautiful picture of a pretty, bright face.

Your Smile Matters

Nothing makes you look better than when you have a smile on your face, so flaunt those pearly whites before taking a picture.

A great tip we heard from a fellow selfie lover was try to say “Wednesday” while we took a picture because it gives you a very photogenic, yet natural smile to strut!

Open Mouth Pouts Are The BEST

This is a fierce move that the faint-hearted will envy, but your pout should not make you look duck-faced.

Part those lips and pucker them up for a shot, *snap*, total awesomeness!

Look Sideways

When you are looking for a selfie with a more serious theme or undertone, it can be helpful if you look away from the camera to add a bit of emotion to your snap.

Looking to the other side hasn’t paid off this well since fourth grade.

Sunglasses Can Be A Lifesaver

If you’re feeling under the weather a little bit or had too much to drink last night, you can take the focus off of those tired eyes by using a good piece of eyewear.

Wear your favorite pair of sunglasses and then smile — yes, that’s how it’s done!

Always Be Prepared

Time your shots and find perfection in the loopholes. Even if your friend decides to snap a selfie with you, you should be able to strike a lovely pose and look your best in split seconds.

So why not prepare beforehand?

Looking flawless takes work, so a little bit of practice will be required.

When You’re Not Wearing Sunglasses, It’s All About the Eyes

When Tyra Banks explained the smize, we didn’t believe you could actually try to smile through your eyes.

Fast forward a few years and practically everybody is doing it!

Your eyes need to look awake and bright, since mostly, your eyes will be the first thing that anyone notices in your photographs.

There you go selfie lovers.

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