Stop Obsessing And Start Posting

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A growing number of people have the habit of obsessing over selfies of others before they pick out a picture of themselves that they deem worthy for the eyes online. The truth is that you will always think that someone is better looking than you. What happens after this is that women start doubting themselves and stop posting pictures of themselves altogether.

Stop Obsessing Over Your Selfies

Selfies have this magic that makes you feel fabulous — don’t keep yourself from the selfie charm. Selfies can lift your mood, make you feel amazing and is an instant confidence booster. Here is how obsessing over other people, notably social media goddesses, is not going to make you feel good about yourself and is not helping you improve selfie game at all…

No Booty Like The Selfie Queen

The modern beauty standards are impossible, unless your family friends include a cosmetic surgeon. Think about it… God either gives you a thigh gap or Kim K. bum and having both qualifies you for a spot in the Star Wars extras list.

Stop Focusing On What You Don’t Have

Focusing on things that you don’t have only makes you feel worse about yourself. It is human nature and no, the remedy to this is not the cliché “focusing on things that you have.” Instead, let these pictures motivate you to do better. If you want that vacation selfie, then you will get it if you are saving.

Stop Following Models

These are professional models. They get paid to look impeccable which means they get justified heat on each part of their body. They are in hell and you don’t even know what it takes to take that trip and look the way they do. Those runway grade snaps have nothing on you sipping on an ice cream smoothie in a summer selfie.

Being Amazing At Everything Is An Illusion

Spending your time by stacking too much on your plate will end up making you good at nothing. Be yourself as it is beautiful and irreplaceable. Your selfie will thank you for it.

Is She Shinier Than You?

The celebrities that you are obsessing over have the money and the means to hire an entire team that makes the celebrity look the way they do. ‘Waking up all fly’ is not a real thing, ‘waking up wanting to inject coffee like botox’ is.

Learn To Love the Body You Have

There is no lesser body type, just fashion selfie aficionados who have the tendency towards one type. Size zero is for mannequins and mannequin lookalikes. You are in the business of looking glamorous, not someone who can divert attention away from her and to the accessories and clothes that she is wearing.

And there you have it! All the reasons why you should be posting your pictures that show the real you on SelfieYo.com. You can chat with friends, meet new people and access different editing options for your pictures.