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Sending Selfies To Bae 😘

Sending selfies is one way you can be with your man without really being there. As much as you like receiving them, you probably spend a lot of time and thought on sending these out too. If you are an amateur in this department, we have you covered.

Here is how you can make sure that your selfie game remains strong with for the guy you like.

A Cluttered Room Is So Not Sexy

If you are going to take a picture in your room, make sure that apart from your tank top and bottoms, there isn’t a sock, yesterday’s laundry or your creepy cat sneaking from under the clutter in the background. We are not saying that you need to move into a pristine place where the walls shine and fur lines the door but think about it.

Cleaning would make it look more like, we don’t know… A BEDROOM!

You Want To Set The Mood

Most ladies out there don’t know this but they can totally set the mood by sending selfies. We are not talking about erotic shots — let’s not even go there. Be creative — what is your most likable item in the room and if you are holding up the peace sign, that’s just reliving middle school. Not sure if your crush or boyfriend deserves that.

Your Case Might Just Be Your Face

If you are sending mirror selfies and you remembered to wipe the surface to make it all glossy and nice, good for you. A thumbs up, rainbows and glitter — girl you got it going… But, did you remove your Justin Bieber case? If not, that’s what your man will be judging you on from now on. Who cares how low-cut that sweater is if you just served him an insight to your guilty pleasure.

Don’t Come On Too Strong

You want your guy to like you in every picture but that doesn’t mean that you should be sending selfies of your lingerie in the first go. That’s a major no! Do not turn your selfie game into the old Playboy magazine. Here is what you do… make sure that you tell him excitedly about how you went on a shopping spree and then ask for his opinion by sending him selfies of you wearing your new, and flattering clothes.

Always Use Filters

Most ladies make the mistake where they waste time putting on makeup just to show bae how they look like that day. Bae probably doesn’t want to wait that long for a picture. When he says hi, send him a filtered selfie of you blowing him a kiss. You will look just as cool and with minimal effort.

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