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SelfieYo Selfie Chat App is almost here! Signup for exclusive access to the SelfieYo 2.0 beta program.

We’re doing a closed beta signup for SelfieYo 2.0, which is a major revamp from the current SelfieYo chat app.

We’d love you to signup by entering your email on the Beta App Signup form that pops up when you visit our site, SelfieYo.com. We’ll be offering the beta SelfieYo selfie chat app on a limited basis as we iron our some app tweaks and polish it up a bit.

Taking selfies is one of life’s little pleasures that millions of people love to indulge on an almost daily basis. As we’ve built out a strong selfie app platform to help you share your best selfies, we’ve had time to do a lot of reflecting on what makes a strong selfie photo.

We hope you enjoy some of our past exclusive, original content on selfie photography from Selfie Sticks, to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Modern Selfie, to Ephemeral Chat Apps and The Future of Social Media, and how Selfie Checkin Is The New Mobile Checkin.

For many of us, when we took our first selfie, we probably didn’t even realize it was a selfie. Not sure about you, but I can recall plenty of times where I would outstretch my arm and try to take a photo in front of some landmark or with a group of friends – all with an “old school” digital camera – a Sony, I think.

Now, I suppose it gets even older-school for people that used to take selfies with film cameras or Polaroids, but I’ll admit, that was a bit before my selfie time.

As we look to the future of selfie-taking and mobile selfie apps around the social media ecosystem, it will be interesting to see what unfolds next in mobile, social and communication in both large and small social circles. Regardless of advancements in technology, apps, media tools, etc., the basic human tendencies to want to communicate visually and share information of all kinds will remain strong. It’s in our DNA, right?

Hopefully app innovation and trends in mobile chat apps continue to improve everyone’s selfie game so we can take the best pictures possible!