SelfieYo Announces Smile Detecting Selfie Camera Chat App

SelfieYo Selfie Snap Chat App

In preparation for CES 2016 and an upcoming year full of selfies around the globe, SelfieYo is rolling out an enhanced smile detecting selfie camera app for iPhone and Android.

Snap a quick selfie just by smiling at the SelfieYo camera!

About SelfieYo ✌️

SelfieYo is a photo chat app where users post snaps in public or private, get votes on their selfies, chat with friends and can view location-based photo feeds of what’s happening around them.

The app works on the basic premise that sometimes you want to snap a selfie and send it to specific people and have private chats around the photos — other times you want to purely post selfies for the fun of it and not necessarily share with people you know, but rather other selfie enthusiasts around you.

#YOLO #2016 😘

SelfieYo’s local photo feed works on a location-based radius.

If you select the “Post Public” option, photos will be shared only to those nearby. Users can delete their photos at anytime and they are removed from the entire system and the apps of any other users nearby.

Smile Detection Camera 📷

SelfieYo created a front-facing selfie camera that can be activated on both iPhone and Android simply by smiling.

On iPhone, the smile camera is “on” by default. There is a smile indicator on the camera screen of the app.

On Android, the selfie camera can be turned on and off — along with a toggle option for light, medium and big smiles. 😀

“We wanted to help selfie fans step-up their selfie game by enabling them to stretch their arms out further, snap the perfect selfie without fumbling with their phone in an effort to touch the button,” said Jamal Johnson of SelfieYo.

“There are plenty of everyday situations when you don’t have the luxury of having a selfie stick with you,” said Johnson. “That’s when a smile detecting feature can come in handy for automating the button to capture the best selfie; one where you’re smiling pretty for the camera.”

Here’s How It Works 💡

SelfieYo’s smile detection feature uses a form of AI to recognize when a user is looking at the camera AND smiling.

The software built-into the app is tuned to trigger the camera button when it recognizes a proper smile from one or more faces in the camera view.

SelfieYo anticipates making enhancements to the smile capture feature and other elements of selfie’ing in 2016 that will combine additional AI with everyday mobile user needs.

The app is free and available on both the iPhone App Store and Google Play for Android.

Media Contact Info 📡

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