Selfies At #FutureM and #INBOUND14

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There were two major social media marketing conferences in Boston this September; #FutureM and Hubspot’s #INBOUND14 marketing extravaganza. One not so surprising fun-fact is that selfies were buzzing everywhere!

Selfie-taking was happening on stage, selfies were being snapped with attendees and speakers, and selfies were being discussed as a significant social trend that will influence a variety of mobile media marketing in the near future. We got curious about who was taking selfies and posting on Twitter, so we did some basic searches to explore! Here’s what we found:

1. In general, it appears that many more selfies were taken at #INBOUND14 than #FutureM. In fact, INBOUND 2014 selfies outnumber FutureM selfies approximately 4-to-1.

2. One of the most prolific (and fantastic, we might add) selfie-takers at INBOUND 2014 was Eric T. Tung. Eric is a social media manager and consultant out of Houston, Texas. Based on his skillful selfie moves, we’re guessing Eric is no selfie newbie. Here’s one of his selfies showcasing the jazzed-up crowd behind him.

Eric T. Tung, social media consultant, shows us how to take crowd pleasing selfies at Inbound 2014.

Eric T. Tung, social media consultant & manager, shows us how to take crowd-pleasing selfies at Inbound 2014 Boston.

3. Brands are getting hip to the selfie phenomena and it’s starting with social media savvy employees who know how to work the camera themselves. Here’s an excellent team selfie shot by Gabrielle, a sneaker marketer at New Balance.

Gabrielle gets a great selfie shot of her team.

Gabrielle gets a great selfie of her team at #FutureM & #INBOUND14, the Boston social media marketing and mobile conferences exploring the future, trends, and behaviors shaping mobile.

We don’t have information on how selfies were taken on other networks like Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook. For the most part, it’s impossible to know due to the nature of those platforms being more private and mostly closed. We think this is a good proxy for how selfies are being taken everyday, all day, around the world. Selfies are like an iceberg; what we see belies a gigantic, global mountain range of selfies lurking just beneath the surface on a long-tail of mobile networks. This iceberg-like belief around selfies is largely based on the knowledge of how younger millennials are gravitating away from the larger Facebooks and Twitters of the world, and moving rather quickly towards ephemeral chat networks.

At SelfieYo, we believe the photo is still, and will remain, at the center of the mobile communication network of how we like to interact with one another, but we see a number of trends pointing towards new, heretofore misunderstood chat networks. There is a lot of excitement in the ephemeral communication space and we’ll keep bringing some findings as we journey into new places with our own SelfieYo photo chat app, as well as explore the behaviors inside of other new apps!