Selfies for Paris. Selfies for Love.

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Like everyone, the Paris terror attacks generated a range of emotions for us over the past few days. At first, we felt a sense of overwhelming fear, chaos and panic – but that quickly turned into both anger and sadness.

The oscillating emotions that that we felt at SelfieYo gave us pause to think about how – and whether – we should share our feelings or address the horror at all.

After all, we live in such a sensitive, media-driven world where political correctness – or the lack-thereof – can cause serious damage to a growing startup and brand like us.

And mainly, we didn’t want to do or say anything that would be perceived as insensitive.

But, after some contemplation around how we could contribute in a positive manner to the grief felt by so many, we decide to embrace what we do best; help share the message of selfies and keep working, keep building cool mobile innovation that helps people have fun.

Why? Because selfies are human.

Selfies have become, like it or not, a core part of how we communicate with each other and the world on a daily basis.

When friends want to share happy emotions with one another – they take selfies, or group selfies in millions of cases!

When families want to send their loved ones greetings from afar – they take selfies!

When students want to showcase their best and meet new people – they take selfies!

Selfies have the ability to capture emotions through the lenses of our mobile cameras that might otherwise be lost in the written word, or escape us when we need them most.

At SelfieYo, as we thought about and tried to comprehend the evil in this world that causes pain sometimes, it gave us cause to reflect on our work and whether it matters.

We think it does.

We think selfies can be used to spread messages of joy, messages of hope and messages of love.

There is something very vulnerable, very human, but usually very fun about taking selfies!

Selfies give us all a voice – a way to communicate when we may be without words.

There is no reason to stop smiling or to stop taking joy in the people and places we love.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are, or what you like to eat for dinner; a smile, a selfie and a message of love can go a long way in uplifting the spirits of those around you in times of grief.

Join us in taking some happy selfies and sharing them with strangers and friends alike.

Of course, we’d love it if you would download and install the new SelfieYo app for iPhone or Android. We’ve created a smile detecting camera feature that will help you capture your best selfie and allow you to share with people nearby!

But, in the end, we’d just love to see selfies that capture joyful moments and can be shared around the world – regardless of what platform or app you use!

The more we can smile, the more we can focus on the positive – the more we can channel the strength and love needed to help each other carry on.

And sometimes a selfie can go a long way.