Selfies for Nash – What Brands Can Learn from Nash Grier

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Nash Grier selfies are sweeping the social media galaxy! 💥

If you’re a brand marketer or a professional social media manager, you really ought to take a look at what Nash Grier is up to with the Selfies for Nash craze all over the web.

Nash, or @Nashgrier as he’s known on Twitter, is a 16 year old social media superstar with over 3.5 million Twitter followers, close to 4 million YouTube subscribers, and almost 7 million followers on Instagram! And as you might imagine, he’s a big fan of selfies!

Nash Grier Knows Selfies - SelfieYo

Nash Grier knows how to promote the selfie game on social media.

Nash’s videos consistently generate millions and millions of views (cumulatively, it looks like he’s probably pushing close to 100 million views on YouTube alone) and his fan base is about as intense and loyal as they come.

Nash is part of a new movement of self-expression that turns selfies, photos, videos and tweeting into commercial brand value. He’s arguably one of Generation Z’s most astute marketers when it comes to selfies and inspiring millions and millions of younger Millennials and the Generation Z cohort to follow his commanding lead in selfie marketing.

Selfies for Nash

A recent search for “selfies” on Twitter turned up #selfiesfornash as a trending hashtag. Rather than just retweet from the @SelfieYo account and join the parade (something we will no doubt do later), we decided to write a quick blog post on Mr. Grier. The kid is a social media sensation and we think brands should take note.

In fact, one of his recent YouTube videos entitled “OATMEAL CHALLENGE | NASH CAM MATT” features Quaker Oats in a awesome, albeit a bit unconventional way. Nash and his buddy Cameron Dallas, another Generation Z social media heavyweight, show their fans how many packets of dry instant Quaker Oatmeal they can shove in their faces.

The video currently has 6.4 million hits.

To help feed his cash cow business, the YouTube video series which generates ad revenue, Nash taps into the global selfie movement to engage his fans and push Nash-branded content. #SelfiesForNash is an epic Twitter trend where thousands and thousands of selfies will show up at any given time from @Nashgrier fans all over the world.

Everyone knows that selfies are hot, but Nash knows that selfies are good for business.

Selfies are a major human behavior tied to the growth of mobile phone based social networks like SelfieYo, Instagram and Snapchat.

We predict there will be more brand marketers unlocking the value of selfies in the near future and they’d be smart to keep an eye on what we all can learn from Nash Grier when it comes to building and engaging an audience of millions of selfie sharers on social media.