What Your Selfies Say About You

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Selfies have given a whole new meaning to representing yourself online. But as you are distracted trying to make the duck face selfie and flicking deuces at a camera and your imaginary heartbreaker, people have been rooting for why some people do what they do when snapping selfies of themselves.

No longer is it acceptable and say, “Oh, that is just narcissism!” because according to science, it is more than that.

Here is how selfies makes you an open book…

A Duck is a Duck is a Duck

The duck face selfie that you make is not going to fool anyone who sees it.

According to analysts, if you are prone to this, it means you are psychotic and their guess is that you would most probably rank on the unstable side of the emotional wellbeing scale — unless of course you are not and this phase will end when you are finally able to afford that counter duckface selfie kit. 😝

When You Hide the Location of Your Selfies

People who hide the location of their selfies may be of a lesser concern than the ones who specifically look for the location, but not to these analysts.

They say that it is because you score really high on the selfie conscientiousness scale and are always paranoid about privacy — or maybe you were brought up well for this cyber age and taught right on how to keep yourself safe from creeps on the internet… but clearly, the analysts can’t stand that. 😉

If You Hold the Camera Low Near Your Neck

“No double chin, so here’s a grin.” Apart from your #noflab hashtag, analysts like you; they think you are a great person to be around because you would ace the test on being an agreeable person and that you would be super awesome to be around — unless what they don’t know is that you are having a bad hair day and you just cannot show that in your selfies.

Selfie Where You Laugh at How Funny Your Camera Is

If you get super twinkly eyed and cannot suppress laughter in most of your selfies, this means you are an outgoing person who is open to new experiences — and clearly can easily be made to giggle. Your friends think it is really cool to be around you because you probably also laugh at all their jokes. 😂

You Always Look Directly at the Camera

This means that you are a really friendly person and have a confident personality. We are thinking of a caption such as #SelfieSaturday #iseeintoyoursoul or you just know how to make the camera dance for your selfies.

You Look like You Are Having Fun

According to analysts, you rank high on the agreeable person scale, are super friendly, ready to try out new things and never get stuck in a boring routine cycle. You might even have a selfie stick the world doesn’t see the point of, could easily make the model of a stock photo website and have your food snaps catalogued by date and bistros. 😘

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