Let Your Selfie Be Your Wingman For Meeting Women

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One of life’s weird ways of working is that you can use your selfie to meet new people. The best part about these is that it’s not your looks that will attract the other person to want to say hi to you — instead, it’s going to be the way you work your magic with the snap.

Here are a few tips on how to take a selfie that will attract women…

Take a Picture of Yourself Doing Something You Love

Please tell us posing in front of the gym mirror is not one of those things. Smart people make every selfie snap work double time. They don’t just want you to see their face, they want you to know about this super cool activity they like to indulge in.

You want to show people that you lead an engaging life. Plus, this is a great way to find someone who shares the same interests as you do.

Don’t Be the Lone Wolf of Selfies

When you are only posting pictures of yourself, a woman can start to wonder whether you have problems maintaining relationships. And if she thinks you are handsome, this is the worst thing you can do for your image.

She’ll probably think ‘hmmm he’s cute… I wonder why he’s not a people person? What if he doesn’t like me either?’ You don’t want that to happen now, do you?

Take a Selfie with Your Family

Women love family pictures because this instantly shows that you are close to your family and are a caring son, brother or grandson.

So, during your next holiday, make sure you get your relatives in the frame. Having an adorable little niece or nephew is even better!

Take a Full Body Shot

This shows that you are confident and are not really hiding anything by only posting pictures of yourself from the neck up. You want people to know that you are an honest person because every woman is expecting a creep to approach them online, and they do!

Stand apart, be yourself and be cool!

Happiness Makes Everyone Envious

… and is attractive, too. Show off that smile when you are having fun. You want the woman looking at your picture wanting to be a part of your world. However, do not over do it — you want the picture to be open, warm and friendly.

Update Pictures

Got a new haircut? Post a picture of it! The point of posting recent pictures is so that the other person does not think that you deceived them when they meet you in real life. If they think you look different than your pictures only because you did not post a recent selfie, they will treat any cool looking picture that you post next as a heavily edited snap that looks nothing like the real you.