Selfie Time: The Best Times To Take A Selfie

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It’s Selfie Time!

Anytime can be selfie time, but it’s important to know when you’ll get the maximum bang for your buck with your selfie. Check out our list of the best and worst times for taking a selfie.

When You Are Dolled Up

Mostly, this is when you unintentionally look like a selfie princess (or prince) but sadly, there is no one around to witness it. Why can’t you look this flawless when you have plans? No need to worry, though, the great news is that you have the power of taking a selfie and with that, you can stop time and travel back to witness those special moments again. Capture this one for later. Take them from different angles so that if a time comes when you feel a bit down, you know just the thing that will give your self-esteem a boost.

10 a.m.

According to the head honchos in the fashion industry, one urban legend is that if you take selfies at 10 in the morning, you will have a radiating glow around your face. Why is that? It’s because around this time of the day, our body temperature is at its highest, which boosts circulation and makes us look fabulous in selfies.

Early Morning

The perfect time for taking selfies is when you are getting ready for work or school, when the pollution and UV rays haven’t reached your perfect skin, yet. This means that you will be your freshest self when you are blow drying you hair.

Pro Tip: Use an antioxidant concentrate to keep your skin glowing and bright for the next 8 hours before you take a picture of yourself.

Right After You Shower

The world probably knows about your ‘makeup on fleek’ selfie. However, to show them that your skin radiates just as much at other times as well, try taking a selfie right after you have stepped out of the shower and have a head towel on. Think Mario Testino’s Towel Series. Even with this, it is important that you focus on style.

When Not to Take a Selfie

If you are going to time your selfies, it is equally important that you learn about the times during the day when you should not be taking selfies.

4 p.m.

Your skin has its own slump hour as well. When you feel fatigued, it’s the skin around your eyes that will reveal signs of it first. This is usually the time when you touch up with your makeup essentials. Not a great time to take selfies — you want to show the world the real, fresh looking you, and not the barely functioning tired selfie.

Late Night

At night, after around 10 p.m., the skin’s protective barrier goes down, which means that your skin is ready to absorb nutrients and pollutants that it is exposed to. You might want to clean your makeup and use skin care products around this time. So, not a great selfie time for taking flawless selfies. Maybe get some rest and save it for tomorrow!

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