Selfie Sticks, SelfieYo And Smile Detecting Camera!

SelfieYo App Smile Detection

Innovation in selfie-taking doesn’t always have to be high-tech. In fact, for millions of selfie aficionados, a rather low-tech tool is proving to be one of the hottest, most effective ways of improving selfie photo skills; the selfie stick!

Not all selfie sticks are created equal. Some are little more than extendable poles to attach to your mobile phone and rely on the mobile camera timer to take the selfie. This requires the right amount of finesse to get the timing just right. Selfie practice makes perfect selfies. Other more high-tech versions of the selfie stick actually connect to your iPhone or Android mobile device and allow you to press a button on the selfie stick handle – this activates the camera when you need it to.

With SelfieYo selfie chat app, we’re experimenting with selfie smile detecting cameras so that you can snap the perfect photo just by flashing your pearly whites. The current version of SelfieYo available in the iTunes App Store (download here) has our initial smile detecting selfie camera built-in. We are working on some major updates to SelfieYo, which will combine the selfie smile detection camera with some new types of social selfie interactions!

If you get a chance, you should try out your selfie stick with SelfieYo selfie chat app. Experiment with the smile activated SelfieYo selfie camera while using your selfie stick. Crazy, we know!

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon from SelfieYo.