Selfie Stick Etiquette

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Know someone that could use a little selfie stick etiquette this holiday season? You’re not alone!

Millions of people in every major city use selfie sticks daily, but many lack proper etiquette on how to safely use their selfie stick in public. 😂

They come in all sizes, a variety of shapes, and can be used for purposes ranging from the intended, to such things as offense against a would-be evildoer, defense against an actual evildoer, or perhaps simply as a fashion accessory to accent one’s Louis Vuitton collar.

The usage patterns of selfie sticks vary — sometimes greatly, from country to country, culture to culture. Although, globally speaking, we see things heading in the same direction; near ubiquity of the selfie stick.

It’s coming. Like a Trump or a Clinton in the White House.

In Tokyo, a young woman would not be caught without her selfie stick close by at all times. She knows that the selfie stick is a key tool for enhancing the quality of her selfies. Thousands, no, tens of thousands of selfies that she snaps over the course of a year. The selfie stick plays a cool, but critical roll.

Have you ever tried a fish gape selfie with a selfie stick? You should. It’s a magical experience.

You’ll be able to see, almost right before your very eyes, the quality of your selfie ratchet up a few degrees just by using the selfie stick.

Your friends will actually like you more if you take an OOTD fish gape mirror selfie with a selfie stick. The mirror becomes the new oxymoronic accessory. The selfie stick is the tool to get the job done.

Try taking an OOTD selfie with the mirror BEHIND you, selfie stick in front and you’ll capture a near 360-degree selfie view for the world to see. Nice. Right?

It’s OK if the selfie stick shows up in the photo.

In London, it’s a well-known fact that one can barely walk through Trafalgar Square these days without getting whacked by a selfie stick.

The English like to pretend the selfie sticks, or Gordon Bennett sticks as I’ve heard them cheekily referred to in a Mayfair pub, are the domain of tourists only. They blame the Russians, the Arabs, the Italians and even the nice Ecuadorians on holiday.

But, I don’t buy it.

This cat has seen more English teens wielding selfie sticks around town than there are disgruntled cabbies annoyed by Uber, CO2 emission standards, and Boris-sightings darting in-and-out of traffic on his bicycle.

So, you might ask, what does this have to do with selfie stick etiquette?

Well, in order to understand how best to roll with a selfie stick, we must first realize that these things are not going away. They’re becoming part of the fabric of our lives. Digital and physical.

Selfies in the morning, selfies in the evening, selfies at supper time. And when one of out seven selfies are taken with a selfie stick – we might as well start using selfie sticks for snack time, too.

So, the first rule of selfie stick etiquette is – do not use your selfie stick at the dinner table. Ever.

The second rule of selfie stick etiquette is – keep your stick out of other people’s eyes. This one may sound obvious, but it’s the most common fear among lay people; getting poked in the eye by a rogue selfie stick. Not cool.

Keep your sticks away from people’s faces.

The third rule of selfie stick etiquette is – don’t ask to borrow your friend’s selfie stick more than once. If you try it and you like it, get your own. This rule is sort of in place to protect the vast majority of well-behaved selfie stick users out there. We feel your pain.

The fourth rule of selfie stick etiquette is – do not use a selfie stick if a basic arm-stretch will do. There are plenty of occasions where a selfie stick is just plain old overkill.

Don’t use it for the sake of using it. Use the selfie stick only when necessary for the quality of the selfie photo itself.

Finally, the last rule of selfie stick etiquette is – do not, under any circumstances, attempt to use the stick to get someone’s attention by tapping them on the shoulder (or tapping them anywhere, for that matter).

The basic premise behind most of the rules are: people do not want your selfie stick touching them. So to that end, there’s really no good reason that your selfie stick should EVER touch someone else. As a proud member of the selfie-elite, yes there are millions of us out there, we have a duty to the rest of society to be mindful that it’s not our job to force our selfie sticks upon the non-users.

Be kind. Keep it safe and use your selfie stick with creativity and caution in equal measure.

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